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Where New York Mafia and Gay Nightlife Meet

May 6, 2014

Alexander Hortis is a lawyer who lives in Baltimore, who has studied the Mafia for many years, and who’s published several articles about the long reach of La Cosa Nostra in virtually every aspect of life in New York, and elsewhere.  In his new book, "The Mob and The City: The Hidden History of How the Mafia Captured New York," he argues that much of what we think we know about the mob is simply part of a mythology that has been fueled over decades by self-serving autobiographers and Hollywood. He talks about it with Tom Hall.


He’ll speak tomorrow night at the Pratt Central Library about his book, and in particular, the mafia’s historic role in the evolution of gay nightlife in New York, a scene that most people don’t associate with organized crime. The event is part of the Enoch Pratt Writers LIVE! Series and it’s co-sponsored by the FreeState Legal Project, which provides pro bono legal services to LGBT individuals.  Find out more here.