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Whiskeys Around the World - 7/2/14

Jul 2, 2014

Quality key:  * = good decent   ** = very good    *** = superb

Schniederweisss clear whiskey , Germany 1/2*  
(A curiosity)

Mackmyra "The First Edition", Sweeden *

Penderyn, Wales 1/2*
(Scotch-like, big rich flavor)

Reisterbauer, Austria 1/2*
(Bourbon-like, uninspired)

Armut "Cask Strength Whisky" India ***
(Very strong, crowd favorite)

Yamakazi, Japan ***
(Extremely well made)

Caribou Crossing **
(Light, easy drinking, rye and barley)

Brenne, France no*
(Bizarre, nothing like whisky)

"The Irishman", Ireland ***
(Best in show, superb)

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