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Who's Mad?

Feb 24, 2014

Jessica Taylor, Alexander Scally (leaning on sofa) and Tucker Foltz.
Credit Emily McCort

What do mannequins, people sleeping in sinks, and milk and hair clipping mixtures have in common? They all have a place in "Tales of Ordinary Madness."

Maryland Morning theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck brings us her review of this 2001 Czech play, now up at Fells Point Corner Theatre. 

"Boxes are a repeated motif in "Tales of Ordinary Madness"...Director Barry Feinstein, however, was definitely thinking outside the box..." -J. Wynn Rousuck.

"Tales of Ordinary Madness"

Written by Petr Zelenka

Directed by Barry Feinstein

Cast includes Alexander Scally, Tucker Foltz and Jessica Taylor

"Tales of Ordinary Madness" continues at Fells Point Corner Theatre until March 2.