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Why Bigger is Better for Artist Joe Sheppard

May 5, 2014

Artist Joseph Sheppard splits his time between Baltimore and a home in Italy.   Over the next several months, his work as a painter will be featured in an exhibition devoted to large-scale, realist works depicting scenes from history and current times.  They are displayed in a gallery at the University of Maryland University College in Adelphi that is devoted to Sheppard’s work.  The exhibition is called Joseph Sheppard: On a Grand Scale.  More information here.

You may also have seen Sheppard’s work as a sculptor if you’ve been to Camden Yards.  His large bronze sculpture of Orioles great Brooks Robinson sits just outside the ballpark.  "When I have an idea, it’s already in a medium," said Sheppard.  "Each of them are really different. You can’t do a certain thing in sculpture that you can do in painting, and vice versa."