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Baltimore's Future with David Warnock

Thursdays at 8:45 am
  • Local Host David Warnock

This program has been suspended until further notice due to Mr. Warnock announcing his candidacy for Baltimore Mayor.

Every week David Warnock will welcome guests who have come up with innovative ideas and developed creative programs to address problems in Baltimore.  You can listen to "Baltimore's Future" every Thursday at 8:45 am.

To learn more, visit Warnock Foundation's website.  Some episodes may feature Baltimore Social Innovation Journal honorees, you can learn more about their work here.

David speaks with Marie Morilus-Black, Department Director of the Office of Well Being within Washington DC's Family Services Agency, and Denise Dunbar, Director of the Office of Child and Youth Services in the DC Department of Behavioral Health.

David speaks with Gus Sentementes, winner of the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal Award.

David speaks with Brittany Oliver, winner of a Baltimore Social Innovation Journal Award.

David Warnock talks with Baltimore Social Innovation Journal winner Jason Tashea  about his project to help juvenile justice caseworkers communicate via text message with their charges.

David speaks with Daniel Schochor, Executive Director at Green Street Academy.

This Thursday morning at 8:45 on WYPR, David Warnock talks with Michelle Geiss and Pres Adams, co-founders of ImpactHub Baltimore. That's Thursday during Morning Edition on WYPR.

David Warnock speaks with Bart O'Reilly, artist and recently featured in the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal for his work in helping fellow artists who are under-represented.


David talks with Travis Henschen & Lemuel Bourne from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School about Lemuel's team winning first place in the Baltimore High School Innovation Challenge.

David Warnock hears from Darius Graham, Director of the Social Innovation Lab at Johns Hopkins University.

David talks with Wes Moore, author and Founder and CEO of BridgeEdU.  Wes visited with David and talked about his new book.