Baltimore's Future with David Warnock

Thursdays at 8:45 am
  • Local Host David Warnock

This program has been suspended until further notice due to Mr. Warnock announcing his candidacy for Baltimore Mayor.

Every week David Warnock will welcome guests who have come up with innovative ideas and developed creative programs to address problems in Baltimore.  You can listen to "Baltimore's Future" every Thursday at 8:45 am.

To learn more, visit Warnock Foundation's website.  Some episodes may feature Baltimore Social Innovation Journal honorees, you can learn more about their work here.

Kim Manfredi is founder and owner, along with her husband, of Charm City Yoga. Founded in 2001, Charm City Yoga now has seven studios in the Baltimore area. Kim speaks with David Warnock about yoga in America.

David Andrews

Harsha Desai is a winner of the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal in the summer 2014 edition. He is a professor of business at Loyola University since 1982. He founded CfSSI to help nonprofits organizations with the business side of things and he talks with David Warnock.

Jason Botel is a former long-time executive director of KIPP Baltimore and is the current executive director of Maryland CAN, a research and advocacy organization. He speaks with David Warnock.

Sarah Eddy

Adam Jackson is the CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, a youth-led think tank. He is also the Director of the Eddie Conway Liberation Institute, a social justice-focused debate camp at Morgan State University – the first of its kind.  He won the 2nd Baltimore Social Innovation Journal award and he speaks with David Warnock.

Joe Manko is Principal of Liberty Elementary School in Baltimore.  He is also featured in the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal. David Warnock asks him about his project to give kids access to broadband, a computer and educational software at home.

Youth Courts International

David Warnock talks with Jason Tashea, formerly of the organization Advocates for Children and Youth, about, an online resource that helps determine eligibility for expungement. 

Christy Zuccarini

To discuss Baltimore club music, David Warnock talks with Sam Hopkins. Hopkins was featured in the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal for his idea of teaching technology to students by connecting them to mentors in the Baltimore club music community.

David Warnock speaks with Fagan Harris, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Baltimore Corps.

Social Solutions


David Warnock talks with Steve Butz, co-founder of Social Solutions software, about how organizations and nonprofits use data to measure outcomes.

Joshua Sinn

David Warnock speaks with Rebecca Chan and Allison Gulick about their work creating a CSA—a community-supported art program. Allison is the community art coordinator for MICA’s Office of Community Engagement. Rebecca Chan is a program director for Station North Arts and Entertainment District.