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third Wednesdays, monthly, 1 p.m. & 9 p.m.

Future City host, Wes Moore

It's easy to talk about what’s wrong in Baltimore.  The challenge is to talk about what’s next.  Wes Moore takes on the challenge, with WYPR's Future City.

In each episode, Wes looks at bright ideas that are working in other cities.  And he asks the question: Can those ideas work for Baltimore?

Who's Wes?

Wes Moore is a decorated Army combat veteran, youth advocate and CEO of BridgeEdU, a national initiative focusing on addressing the college completion and career placement crisis by reinventing the Freshman Year of college. He is also the author of two instant New York Times bestselling books, The Other Wes Moore and The Work

Future City is made possible with grant funding from Genine and Josh Fidler and the Baltimore Community Foundation and from Prudential.

Ways to Connect

Community Schools

Sep 16, 2016
Glenn Harton

In the 1990's, Cincinnati's schools were so bad that Ohio's Supreme Court deemed them unconstitutional and demanded a radical overhaul.  The city answered the call with a remarkable innovation:  They   converted the schools into community learning centers, where healthcare, dental care and daycare could all happen in the building, right alongside academics.  Wes looks at how community schools changed life in Cincinnati, and how Baltimore has begun to embrace the trend, as well.