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Midday with Dan Rodricks as the host aired on WYPR until October 2, 2015.

Archive prior to February 25, 2014

The Art of the Tattoo

Sep 25, 2015

Do you have a tattoo? When did you get it and why? Does it still hold the same meaning that it did back then? Do you have any regrets? Or are you one who stands on the sidewalk as an extravagantly tattooed man or woman walks by, wondering why?

Midday Friday

Sep 25, 2015

In this edition of Midday Friday: Jay Hancock of Kaiser Health News tells us why out-of-pocket medical costs for American workers keep rising and John Davis, host of MotorWeek gets us up to speed on the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Plus we have our weekly business report from Joanna Sullivan of the Baltimore Business Journal and Del. Mary Washington tells about an upcoming census of homeless youth in Baltimore and the five surrounding counties.

True Style

Sep 24, 2015

Is it a fashion violation to mix blue and black? What works best and why -- a two-button or three-button suit jacket? And how do you navigate the trouser-sock-shoe nexus? Men’s fashion is fraught with pitfalls, but Bruce Boyer, former menswear editor at Town and Country, has some simple advice for beginners -- if you like it, wear it.

Dave Malkoff / Flickr

We get an update on Pope Francis' visit to Congress and his message on climate change. Then gastroenterologist and nutritionist Dr. Gerry Mullin joins us for a discussion of fad diets and fermented foods.

A Government For The Rich, By The Rich?

Sep 23, 2015

Is the United States less a democracy than a plutocracy now, governed by the wealthy elite? Have we become a nation, by the rich and for the rich? Or do capital gains fuel economic growth, creating jobs and bolstering business, increasing social mobility for all? In this hour of Midday, a hard look at the income inequality that has drawn public denunciations from Pope Francis and President Obama, and which stands at the center of arguments that the U.S. has been transformed into a plutocracy. Historian Ronald Formisano argues that point in the hour head, and we’ll hear a challenge to Formisano’s view from Thaya Brook Knight, a financial regulation expert with the libertarian CATO Institute.

Grading The Obama Administration's College Scorecard

Sep 23, 2015

The White House released its new College Scorecard this month to the delight of some, but to the chagrin of many. While students can now handily access information about college costs, student loans and average earnings of graduates, many college presidents say the criteria ignores other important factors such as student-to-faculty ratio and a college’s mission. In this hour of Midday we’ll hear from two college presidents, Patricia McGuire, of Trinity Washington University and Sandra Kurtinitis, of the Community College of Baltimore County. Are their institutions ranked fairly or accurately? What changes need to be made to the scorecard’s metrics? Kim Clark, college finance expert from Money Magazine, joins us. 

Midday on the Bay

Sep 22, 2015

There are some ambitious plans for the redevelopment of parts of Towson, MD. But some community leaders and environmentalists say that the plans need more green space, trees, parks and sports fields, and that the developers should pay for them. Also ahead, Rona Kobell describes some innovative practices designed to reduce polluted run off from farms on the Maryland Eastern Shore. She'll also tell us about a trip she took to areas of the Chesapeake region threatened by both natural phenomena and human behavior.

Structural Racism & Waking Up White

Sep 22, 2015

Debby Irving is a white woman, born into privilege, who as middle age approached embarked on a personal journey to understand race and racism. She’ll tell us what she learned about herself and about American society as we take this hour of Midday for another important discussion about race and racism affects our lives, in ways visible and invisible. Up front, we hear from Diane Bell-McKoy, president and CEO of Associated Black Charities of Maryland, and the Rev. Douglas Miles, bishop of Koinonia Baptist Church in Baltimore; they signed their names to newspaper ads call for honest discussion, economic opportunities and policy changes to end structural racism they see at the root of the city’s problems.

The History Of The American Heroin Business

Sep 21, 2015

In a startling new book called Dreamland, journalist, Sam Quinones, traces America’s heroin business back its roots in the deceptive marketing of prescription painkillers in the 1990's. Quinones says the epidemic has devastated entire middle American communities but, he looks at both sides of the operation, including the wealth it has brought to a dismally poor region of Mexico.

Tech For Good

Sep 21, 2015

We hear about three efforts to promote technology skills in Baltimore. Gretchen LeGrand, co-founder of Code in the Schools, tells how they are working provides computer science education to more than 2,500 students each year. Stephanie and Shawn Grimes from Digital Harbor Foundation, talk about the after-school programs, summer camps, workshops they provide for community members and educators. And Will Holman, of Baltimore Arts Realty Corp, talks about transforming properties throughout the city into so-called “maker spaces.”