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From WYPR 88.1 FM.  Anirban Basu reviews retirement news.

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A US News article identifies 10 major retirement blunders.  Here they are. 

#1 – not having a plan for your money once you retire. Many people prepare for retirement, and then don’t take steps to manage their cash flow during it.

#2 – forgetting about inflation while you are making your plans. 

#3 – failing to save enough money for retirement – ok, that one is obvious.

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Many people approaching retirement or already retired are scrambling for income. With interest rates still often hovering around the rate of inflation, many older Americans are trapped between safer investments that yield little income and riskier investments that could generate higher returns but which could also ultimately undermine their savings.

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Since 1998, the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies has conducted a national survey of U.S. businesses and workers regarding their attitudes toward retirement. Key highlights from the most recent survey administration indicate just how unnerved many Americans remain regarding retirement prospects.  61 percent of workers indicate that they have not fully recovered from the Great Recession, including 7 percent who believe they may never recover.  40 percent of Baby Boomer workers expect a decrease in their standard of living when they retire.

One of the advantages that public sector workers have over many private sectors workers are defined benefit retirement plans. Unlike defined contribution retirement plans, which specify how much money will go into a retirement plan, defined benefit plans identify the specific benefit that will be payable to employees at retirement. 

Is 62 Right for You?

Dec 15, 2016
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The age of 62 is becoming an increasingly popular age for retirement.  One of the reasons for this is obvious.  It’s the earliest age at which Social Security beneficiaries can begin collecting payments.  Most recipients leap at the opportunity to access those funds as soon as possible.  As indicated by writer Maurie Blackman, this helps explain why 62 also represents the median retirement age for Americans.  

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