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WYPR - Maryland Morning
Maryland Morning, hosted by Tom Hall finds the most intelligent and intriguing voices to probe the “whys” and "who cares” behind the headlines. Listen Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am on WYPR 88.1 FM.
WYPR - Midday
Midday is WYPR's daily public affairs program heard from noon-1pm, Monday-Friday. Hosted by Sheilah Kast topics range from the latest news, to local and national politics, to social, medical and cultural trends, featuring the best new books and most engaging authors.
WYPR - Humanities Connection
From WYPR 88.1 FM. Humanities Connection explores the intersection of the humanities and our daily lives, reflects on the past to inform our future, celebrates the power of literature, and demonstrates the importance of a healthy civics education.
WYPR - ClearPath - Your Roadmap to Health & Wealth
From WYPR 88.1 FM. Program host Greg Tucker will engage Catherine Collinson and Hector De La Torre, who leads the Transamerica Institute’s newly established The Transamerica Center for Health StudiesSM TCHS on issues of health and wellness.
WYPR - The Environment in Focus
From WYPR 88.1 FM. Tom Pelton gives you a weekly perspective on the issues and people changing Maryland's natural world. The Environment in Focus is sponsored by The Environmental Integrity Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to holding polluters and governments accountable to protect public health.
WYPR - Living Questions
From WYPR 88.1 FM. "Living Questions" is a monthly series on Maryland Morning that explores religion and ethics in contemporary life. Produced in partnership with the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, we’ll talk to scholars and clergy, believers and non-believers, about how different faith traditions influence and inform our personal and collective lives.
WYPR - Out of the Blocks
From WYPR 88.1 FM. One city block. One hour of radio. Everybody’s story. This is the simple concept at the heart of WYPR's documentary series, Out of the Blocks. One block at a time, radio producer Aaron Henkin and electronic musician Wendel Patrick are sharing the stories of Baltimore in a way that's never been heard before.
WYPR Features
From WYPR 88.1 FM. Includes Fraser Smith commentary and Inside Maryland Politcs. Sports commentary in Sports at Large from Milton Kent.
WYPR - Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine
From WYPR 88.1 FM. Food and Wine discussed at a delicious level by Tony Foreman and Chef Cindy Wolf.
WYPR- Why Baltimore
Why Baltimore on WYPR 88.1 FM is a series of conversations with local business and community leaders about Baltimore’s distinct standing among other markets. Learn how Baltimore ranks against other markets in various industries and economic indicators, and the reasons why local leaders choose to invest in the region.
WYPR- The Morning Economic Report
From WYPR 88.1 FM. Anirban Basu, Chariman Chief Executive Officer of Sage Policy Group (SPG), is one of the Mid-Atlantic region's leading economic consultants. Prior to founding SPG he was Chairman and CEO of Optimal Solutions Group, a company he co-founded and which continues to operate. Anirban has also served as Director of Applied Economics and Senior Economist for RESI, where he used his extensive knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic region to support numerous clients in their strategic decision-making processes. Clients have included the Maryland Department of Transportation, St. Paul Companies, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Players Committee and the Martin O'Malley mayoral campaign. He is the author of numerous regional publications including the Mid-Atlantic Economic Quarterly and Outlook Maryland. Anirban completed his graduate work in mathematical economics at the University of Maryland. He earned a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University in 1992. His Bachelors in Foreign Service is from Georgetown University and was earned in 1990.