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John Lee


Baltimore County is the first jurisdiction in the state to restrict when farmers can use air cannons. The County Council last night voted unanimously to make it illegal to use the noise makers from 10 p.m. to sunrise.


John Lee

When Glenn Elseroad drives you around his 500 acre farm in Western Baltimore County, the first thing he shows you are the 7,000 trees he’s planted. Then there are the cover crops planted in the winter.

John Lee

Grove Miller is a retired Cecil County farmer. Much has changed since Miller started farming.

“I started farming with horses,” Miller says. “The first tractor I bought was a John Deere H, which now, most lawn mowers have more horse power than that tractor I bought.”

Something else has changed. These days, farmers in Maryland think they are getting a bad rap and it goes something like this.  Even though agriculture is the number one commercial industry in the state, you don’t hear much about farmers. And when you do, it usually has something to do with polluting the bay.