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Common Core in Maryland

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A state commission charged with determining whether Maryland students spend too much time taking standardized tests issued a final report today. Among the recommendations was a suggestion that local jurisdictions examine their own required tests.

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This is the first year Maryland students will be taking standardized tests based on the new math and English curriculum standards called Common Core. Proponents of Common Core say the goal is to raise learning standards from memorization to critical thinking, and to measure how prepared students are for the next grade, college and careers. Some parents in Maryland, as elsewhere around the U.S, are opting out of national standardized tests. 

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Maryland is one of 45 states that has adopted what’s called the Common Core standards for curriculum in public schools.  The Maryland State Board of Education adopted them in June 2010, but this is the school year the standards are being implemented – and the movement against them by some parents and teachers is building steam.