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Pugh secures Democratic nod for mayor

Apr 27, 2016

State Senator Catherine Pugh claimed victory last night in a tightly contested Democratic mayoral primary that became tighter as the evening went on, then focused on unity and moving forward in her victory speech. 

Edwards goes down swinging

Apr 27, 2016

Congresswoman Donna Edwards fell short yesterday in her quest to become only the second black woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate. But she didn’t bow out of the race for the Democratic nomination before delivering a fiery speech that pointed out some uncomfortable truths to her fellow Maryland Democrats. 


Maryland's 2016 primary election is now history.  State Senator Catherine Pugh is a big step closer to her dream of becoming Charm City’s next Mayor, and Chris Van Hollen and Kathy Szeliga will go head-to-head to replace Barbara Mikulski in the U.S. Senate. Results are also in for a host of other city and state-wide races that were decided yesterday.  

What would a talk show be without a little post-primary prognostication?  We welcome back to the broadcast Jayne Miller, an award-winning investigative reporter for WBAL television, who has covered Charm City politics and a whole lot more for many years.

Complete coverage of yesterday’s primary continues today on WYPR on Midday with Sheilah Kast, and with reports from the WYPR news team this afternoon during All Things Considered   

Maryland Primary Results

Apr 26, 2016


President: Hillary Clinton (D); Donald Trump (R)
Senate: Chris Van Hollen (D); Kathy Szeliga (R)
Congressional District 4: Jamie Raskin (D); Dan Cox (R)
Congressional District 8: Anthony Brown (D); George McDermott (R) 


Baltimore Mayoral: Catherine Pugh (D); Alan Walden (R)
Baltimore City Council President: Jack Young (D) INCUMBENT; Shannon Wright (R)
Comptroller: Joan Pratt (D) INCUMBENT
District 1: Zeke Cohen (D); Matthew McDaniel (R)
District 2: Brandon Scott (D) INCUMBENT; Gregory Yarberough (R)
District 3: Ryan Dorsey (D)
District 4: Bill Henry (D) INCUMBENT; William Broaddus III (R)
District 5: Isaac Schleifer (D)
District 6: Sharon Middleton (D) INCUMBENT
District 7: Leon Pinkett III (D); Tamara Purnell (R)
District 8: Kristerfer Burnett (D); Joseph Brown Jr. (R)
District 9: John Bullock (D); Kenneth Earl Ebron Jr. (R)
District 10: Edward Reisinger (D) INCUMBENT; Christine Digman (R)
District 11: Eric Costello (D) INCUMBENT
District 12: Robert Stokes Sr. (D)
District 13: Shannon Sneed (D); George Johnson (R)
District 14: Mary Pat Clarke (D) INCUMBENT; Thomas Boyce (R)

*13 precincts have not yet reported

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took definitive steps toward solidifying their respective party's presidential nomination on Tuesday, making their rivals' task to beat them nearly insurmountable.

Trump won all five of the delegate-rich GOP primaries in Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Rhode Island. Clinton notched four victories in Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, while Bernie Sanders won the Rhode Island Democratic primary.

Primary choices

Apr 26, 2016

Primary day in Maryland started with some fireworks when nearly fifteen hundred people showed up at Sandi’s Learning Center on Ellamont Avenue to work for mayoral candidate Catherine Pugh. They said they were promised paying jobs, but it all went south when campaign staffers said they didn’t need anyone else. 

Five delegate-rich states on the East Coast will vote Tuesday: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Call it the "Acela Primary" for the train that runs through those states.

There's a lot at stake. Here are four things we're watching:

For Pugh, it's a race to primary day

Apr 25, 2016

With the primary election looming on Tuesday, this weekend was the start of a sprint to the finish line for state Senator Catherine Pugh in her bid to be the Democratic nominee for mayor.

“Welcome back.”

That’s what Theresa Jones said to Sheila Dixon, when she came across the former Mayor at the Unity Rally and March at Penn and North Sunday.

A non-grudge grudge match in the 13th

Apr 25, 2016

  Councilman Warren Branch barely held on to his seat representing the 13th district on the Baltimore City Council in 2011.  He won the Democratic primary that year by 43 votes. Shannon Sneed, who would later mount a write-in campaign in the general election, came that close to defeating the incumbent. And she’s back.

Tony Glover, who came in a distant third in the Democratic primary five years ago, is also running again, as is Ronald Owens-Bey, who ran as a Libertarian in 2011.