The First Five Years

The First Five Years
5:41 pm
Wed January 21, 2015

Double the Love

  Having twins (or more) can be double the fun.  From time to time it can also be doubly overwhelming. Fortunately help is out there from experts and other parents of multiples.  Listen now to learn more.

The First Five Years
2:40 pm
Fri January 16, 2015

The First Five Years: Say cheese!

Whether it’s baby’s first tooth or an older child with all 32, there’s nothing like a little one’s healthy smile. Protecting that grin starts early. Find out when to start and how to make the first dentist visit go well.

The First Five Years
3:47 pm
Wed January 7, 2015

The First Five Years: A Language Rich Early Childhood

  A language rich environment gives children the foundation to arrive at school ready to learn. But parents aren’t the only ones who can have a major impact on school readiness.

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The First Five Years
5:07 pm
Wed December 31, 2014

The First Five Years: Childhood Obesity

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that almost one-third of American young children are overweight.  In fact, one in five between the ages of two and five are already overweight or obese.  What can parents do to reverse this trend?

The First Five Years
12:04 pm
Tue December 30, 2014

The First Five Years: The Santa Clause

To Santa or not to Santa?  Some parents struggle with whether to make Santa Claus a part of their holiday tradition.  Is it lying to the child?

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The First Five Years
2:26 pm
Fri December 19, 2014

The First Five Years: Little sibling. Big changes

When you’re a toddler the world revolves around you. The arrival of a new little brother or sister is exciting for grown-ups.  But for the first born it can be stressful and scary.

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The First Five Years
4:51 pm
Wed December 10, 2014

The First Five Years: A Lesson That Earns Interest

Learning the value of money and how to make it last should start young. In fact, financial literacy can be begin with babies.

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The First Five Years
3:49 pm
Thu December 4, 2014

The First Five Years: Time to Give Thanks

  The holidays can be full of stress. But with a little planning and teamwork, Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time for all ages to reflect on all that is good in our lives.

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The First Five Years
1:54 pm
Thu November 20, 2014

The First Five Years: A Healthy Sense of Humor

Will your little one grow up to be the next Joan Rivers or Steve Martin?  Maybe not.  But even so, the ability to chuckle, giggle, and laugh helps to reduce stress, build connections and encourage creative thinking.

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The First Five Years
4:30 am
Wed November 12, 2014

The First Five Years: Bullying

Credit Maryland Family Network

Bullying can start in the early years—even before school. Young children might call names, act out physically, or intimate others. Listen to learn tips aimed at helping parents and caregivers prevent bullying early and to keep it from escalating. 

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