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Living Questions

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On this segment of "Living Questions", ours series exploring faith and religion in contemporary life, we talk about religious accommodation and religious freedom in public schools.  Should school systems celebrate the major holidays of religions other than Christianity and Judaism? Or, is it more appropriate for public schools to disassociate themselves from any and all religious considerations when formulating the annual school calendar. Tom Hall is joined in the studio by Dr. Homayra Ziad, the Muslim Scholar at the Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies, and Peter Danchin, a professor of law at the University of Maryland Law School, who has worked with a research project called Politics of Religious Freedom.

We’re still reflecting on the election three weeks ago. As part of our series on religion, Living Questions, Tom Hall explores how religion influences politics.

Jamyla Kay

This morning, we begin a series called 'Living Questions,' a monthly series of conversations about issues surrounding religion, theology and ethics. We’re partnering with the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, an organization that for nearly 30 years has worked to cultivate religious literacy and inter-faith understanding. Joining Tom in the studio is Dr. Homayra Ziad, Dr. Benjamin Sax and Dr. Heather Miller Rubens.