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The watermen of Tilghman Island had been harvesting perch, shad, oysters, herring and rockfish for centuries when ‘scientific fisheries management’  became a widely used tool for regulating fish harvest in the United States.  The idea is to manage annual harvests so aquatic species can be harvested in perpetuity.  In the late 1970's, the rockfish population was in crisis and Congress passed a law that imposed a moratorium on striped bass or rockfish.

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The state of Maryland doesn’t have an official language, but three of its counties do. The first was Frederick County. In 2012 its commissioners adopted an ordinance requiring, “all official actions in the county must be in English.”

Now Frederick is again debating the issue, quite vigorously. During the intervening 3 years, the county has changed its form of government; instead of a five-member board of commissioners, who were all Republican, it now has a seven member County Council of four Republicans and two Democrats. Two Democrats have proposed repealing the English-only ordinance. One of them is Jessica Fitzwater, who joins host Sheilah Kast in the studio.   And on the phone is Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, a Republican who is advocating for keeping the ordinance in place.

  Maryland Morning  movie mavens, Jed Dietz director of the Maryland Film Festival and Ann Hornaday, film critic for the Washington Post, talk with host Sheilah Kast about some of their Oscar favorites and what movies you should check out this weekend.

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The yellow bus has long been an icon of public school systems, but in many big cities, tens of thousands of students make their way to and from school without the yellow bus. They navigate public transit. And more school systems are switching from yellow bus to public transit services to save costs. About 30,000 Baltimore City Public School students regularly ride the city bus to and from school. And, getting those kids to school on time can be difficult. Middle and high school students can apply to attend any school they want in the city regardless of how close it is to where they live. Producer Jonna McKone explores how much we know about youth transit patterns and the issues these young people face getting to school. 

Les Doigts de l’Homme

The famous French guitarist Django Reinhardt is credited with inventing a style of music known as Gypsy jazz or hot club jazz. Fans of this energetic swing music will be happy to know that there is a vibrant Gypsy Jazz scene here in Baltimore. Michael Joseph Harris plays in two local Gypsy Jazz Bands, Ultrafaux, which performs all original music, and, Hot Club of Baltimore which plays arrangements of early jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt. Olivier Kikteff lives in Paris. He is considered one of the finest gypsy jazz guitarists in the world. He leads a band called Les Doigts de l’Homme (the fingers of man). The group, along with accordionist Marian Badoi,  joined host Tom Hall in studio last month to share a few tunes.



Last month, long time NPR correspondent Margot Adler died of cancer at her home in New York.  She was 68. A fixture at NPR since 1979, she reported for All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and Weekend Edition, and she hosted NPR’s Justice Talking for 9 years. She was a civil rights worker in the 1960s, and, she wrote what many consider to be the definitive compendium of Pagan practice in the United States.  She understood that topic in part because she was a practitioner.  She was a Wiccan Priestess.  In March of 2012, Tom Hall spoke to Adler about politics, paganism and vampire literature. 

Somerset County, the southernmost county on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, was founded in 1666.

It’s motto for centuries has been Semper Eadem, Latin for “Always the same.”

A lot has indeed stayed the same, but even at the bottom tip of Maryland, the normal processes of time and struggles to bring about change intentionally…have had effects also.  


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Maryland Morning theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck has been to see Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s production of “As You Like It.” 

How Blogging Helps to Continue Bonds

Apr 29, 2014
Cassandra Morales

When dealing with the death of a loved one, daily rituals can maintain our bonds with our loss. Baltimore residents Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams run a blog called What’s Your Grief that provides resources and support for people grieving the loss of a loved one. 

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Although many people associate the Hallelujah Chorus and Handel’s Messiah with the Christmas holiday season, in fact, Handel, who performed the work dozens of times, never once performed it in December.  All of his performances were during this time of year, Lent.