Midday with Dan Rodricks

Interim Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis joins Midday to talk about crime and reform, and to answer listener questions.

Maryland author Jerome Tuccille tells the story of the black soldiers who helped Teddy Roosevelt win the decisive battle of the Spanish-American War -- some overlooked American history in the second hour of Midday.

Midday Politics

Sep 29, 2015
Astrid Riecken/newyorker.com

Whether he was inspired by Pope Francis, or backed into a corner by the Tea Party, House speaker John Boehner’s last day will be October 30th. While a threatened government shutdown over funding for Planned Parenthood might be avoided, what does Boehner’s exit mean for Washington and how the nation is governed? What does it mean for the GOP in 2016? In Midday’s first hour, we’ll survey the Republican landscape, including the rising popularity of presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and the controversial views of Dr. Ben Carson, who keeps rising in the polls.  WYPR's own Fraser Smith, Melissa Deckman of Washington College and Barry Rascovar of the Maryland Reporter join us. 

$2.00 A Day

Sep 28, 2015

An estimated 1.5 million American households - including three million children - somehow get by on less than $2.00 a day per person. Kathryn Edin, professor of public health and sociology at Johns Hopkins, tells us about her experiences examining the lives of those living without cash in extreme poverty.


Sean Gallagher, Baltimore-based editor of Ars Technica, talks about those white defense blimps that can be seen in Baltimore's eastern sky -- why they are there and what defense analysts say about their effectiveness at detecting attacks on the nation's capital. Plus, the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the new “Black Phone” designed with encryption for privacy and a plan by the Air Force to install laser weapons on fighter jets.