Midday with Dan Rodricks

Calm down, take a deep breath, try to relax. Your initial reaction to stress might be to try to make it go away, but health psychologist and author Kelly McGonigal’s advice is to harness stress and use it to your advantage. Embracing stress, she argues, can make you better able to achieve your goals. We’ll hear more about the science of stress in McGonigal’s new book, “The Upside of Stress: Why Stress is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It.”

Midday on Health

Sep 2, 2015
Alexander Crook / Flickr

As summer ends and students head back to school, we dedicate this hour of Midday on Health with Dr. John Cmar of Sinai Hospital to surveying health issues that affect young people. First: binge drinking and habitual marijuana smoking are becoming more prevalent among college and teenage students. Parents and pediatricians are urged to speak with children about the dangers of alcohol early--by the time the kids are 9. Then, put down that water! We’ll hear why athletes tend to over hydrate, and why that’s risky.

Over the course of two decades, Maryland’s Department of the Environment has identified more than 93,000 children poisoned by lead paint. During that time, Baltimore has made measurable strides forward in abating lead paint in city homes, and as recently as last week was awarded a 4 million dollar grant to rid close to 230 more homes of lead. This good news comes coupled with a sad story, published by the Washington Post, outlining how companies have turned buying lead paint settlements from poor, black lead paint poisoned victims into a multi-billion dollar industry. In this hour of Midday, we’ll discuss the progress made on ending this public health issue, and the call for a federal reform to end exploitation. Our guests: Washington Post Reporter, Terrence McCoy; President and CEO of the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, Ruth Ann Norton; and a Baltimore lawyer would has represented thousands of children poisoned by lead paint, Saul Kerpelman

Maryland is gearing up in September to open the application process for medical marijuana growers and dispensaries. The rules for the application process have been nailed down. We hear from Hannah Byron, executive director of the state’s medical marijuana commission, and commission member Deborah Miran. We’ll also get the perspective of prospective medical marijuana entrepreneurs who want to open businesses in Maryland.

Religion in America - Got Faith?

Aug 31, 2015
Brian Lynch via flickr Creative Commons

In this two-hour special we take a look at what some polls show is a growing trend of religious disaffiliation in America. At noon, we’ll hear from Geoffrey Layman, a professor at the University of Notre Dame who studies religion and politics and Daniel Cox, research director at the Public Religion Research Institute in Washington, about why fewer Americans report that they are attending church these days.