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Nov 6, 2017

Al and Hugh revisit some trustworthy Zinfadels. 

"War Admiral"

Nov 3, 2017

In 1938, an eager crowd at Pimlico Race Course witnessed an epic race between War Admiral, the 1937 Triple Crown Winner, and a little upstart horse named Sea Biscuit. 

Rose Zetzer

Nov 3, 2017

On a day in 1918, a 16-year-old girl named Rose Zetzer was a student in high school, discussing the assignment 'Shall Women Have the Right to Work?'

Right then and there she said, “I am going to be a lawyer.” She not only became a lawyer, but in the process, she opened the profession to women. According to a male contemporary, “She got on our nerves.” She also changed the history of Baltimore.

Amy Sherald

Nov 3, 2017
Christopher Myers

For this episode of “Art Matters,” BMA Director Christopher Bedford interviews Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald, who recently received a commission to paint former First Lady Michelle Obama’s official portrait. Chris and Amy talk about her work as a conceptual portraitist, how the chaotic energy of Lexington Market influenced her work, and how she sees herself in the context of art history.  

Tide Events

Nov 3, 2017
The National Aquarium

There is more to the coloration of the water in the Inner Harbor than you might think. Listen in to learn about how many factors, from algae to oxygen levels to nutrient levels, contribute to variations in our local waterways. 

In this segment, we often discuss the lack of preparedness for retirement suffered by many Americans. But with the economy improving recently and financial markets surging, there have been some positive developments and there is evidence of growing confidence among seniors...

Books: A Doorway to Discovery

Nov 2, 2017

The years before children enter the classroom are crucial to setting a student on the path to academic success. Young parents may not know where to start, but librarians are there to help.  Dorothy Stoltz, from the Outreach and Program Services Department at the Carroll County Library, tells us about the Library’s “Read at Your Library” program and its success in preparing students for a lifetime of learning.

Steve Chu, owner and head chef of Ekiben, tells us about his desire to bring people together inside his Fells Point restaurant.

This is a rebroadcast. 

Back to Chile

Nov 2, 2017
Douglas Fernandes/flickr

One of the first wines outside of Europe and the U.S. to make a splash were from Chile. So, Al and Hugh revisit the wines of this South American country. 

Black Bears

Nov 2, 2017

Every Halloween when I was a kid, my dad used to tell me a story about a big growling beast who terrorized families after dark. The beast would roam neighborhoods at night searching for a tasty treat, knocking over garbage cans and ripping through any bags left behind from trick or treaters. My heart would race as he described the beast; 600 pounds, covered in black fur with sharp teeth. I shivered and pulled the covers up closer around my shoulders as I envisioned the beast standing on its hind legs reaching my bedroom window and growling at me.

It would be a few years later during a camping trip to Shenandoah when I would see “the beast” for the first time.  My dad and I were about a mile into a hike when he abruptly stopped and put his finger to his lips, motioning for me to be silent. A hundred yards ahead of us off the trail was an adult black bear.

San Antonio Express News

Biologists have long known that Monarch butterflies have been in sharp decline since the late 1990s. A  likely culprit is the increased spraying on farms fields of a weed killer, called RoundUp, which kills the milkweed plants that monarch caterpillars depend on as their sole food source.

At the same time, scientists have documented a decline in bees and other pollinators.  The causes of the bee collapse are likely complex. But again, one factor frequently discussed is modern industrial-style agriculture, which relies on large volumes of pesticides.

These conclusions, however, raiseda logical question:  Of course we take note of what’s happening with large, colorful butterflies and bees. Everyone, even children, notices them – and lots of scientists monitor their populations as their full time jobs.

But what about all the millions of species that are so obscure that nobody studies them or even thinks about them?  An answer to that question was recently published in a scientific journal called the Public Library of Science (PLOS Online).  Ecologist Caspar Hallman and colleagues documented a 75 percent decline in all flying insects over three decades across Germany. They counted bugs trapped in wildlife preserves surrounded by farm fields – and concluded that the pesticides sprayed on the farms is a possible cause.


There are a lot of great quotes out there about “writing what you know.” On the edition of "The Weekly Reader," our book critic Marion Winik reviews three novels about women writers. 

Art and Spirit

Nov 1, 2017

Rev. Alvin C. Hathaway, pastor of Union Baptist Church discusses a new partnership between his church and the Baltimore Museum of Art. 

You can’t control the genes your baby inherits. But you can determine how well your baby is loved and supported. Abuse and neglect in early childhood can profoundly effect on the brain.

Anne Arundel Community College/flickr

The Maryland pantry supports so many culinary traditions. While Al was in Spain this past spring, he had more than one plate of their famous national dish, paella. And it so happens that one of our creative local chefs has adapted paella to work with Maryland seafood. Chef David Ludwig, from Anne Arundel Community College, teaches cooking in their Hospitality and Culinary Arts Department and shares his recipe for a Chesapeake Bay paella. 

Steve parker/flickr

Catherine clarifies the differences between retirement plans. 

Leona Gage

Oct 27, 2017
AP Photo/HF

In the evening of July 15, 1957, Veterans Stadium in Long Beach, California was awash in the lights and music and pageantry of the semi-finals of the Miss USA contest. Contestants from all over America walked down the runway. In that group was a Cinderella come-to-the-ball from Glen Burnie, Maryland, named Leona Gage. But neighbors from the area were not fooled. They told the real story of who Miss Gage really was! 

Accusations of witchcraft arrive in the Maryland colony along with English settlers. 

Accusations of witchcraft arrive in the Maryland colony along with English settlers. 

Milton Kent

Oct 26, 2017

Tom talks with Sports at Large host and Morgan State University faculty member Milton Kent.

Milton recommends: 

Do I Make Myself Clear: Why Writing Well Matters by Harold Evans

Little White Lies by Ace Atkins (a continuation of the Spenser series by Robert B. Parker)

Kevin Conklin

Oct 26, 2017

Kevin Conklin, vice president of operations for PANDORA Jewelry on why Baltimore was a front-runner for Pandora's relocation.

October is an important month for America’s retirees. That’s not simply because there will soon be children banging on doors making outrageous demands for candy and threatening diabolical acts. It’s also because October is the month when Social Security trustees typically announce the annual cost of living adjustment to monthly checks.  

Morality: Science or Humanities?

Oct 25, 2017

How do the historical dynamics between traditional cultures and modernity influence our contemporary beliefs about morality? Lindsay Thompson, Maryland Humanities board member and an Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School tells us more.

Veneto Reds

Oct 25, 2017
Cameron Kennedy/flickr

Al and Hugh give their picks for wines from the Northeastern Italian region. 

James McBride won the 2013 National Book Award for his novel The Good Lord Bird about the abolitionist John Brown. On this edition of "The Weekly Reader," we’ll talk about his latest release, Five Carat Soul, and we’ll revisit some of his earlier work, many of which are considered American classics.

Bay Journal

On Monday, the administration of President Trump – who falsely asserts that climate change is a ‘hoax’ – cancelled the appearances of three EPA scientists who were scheduled to talk about global warming at a conference in Rhode Island.

Trump’s EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, a close ally of the oil and gas industry, has terminated EPA grants related to the study of greenhouse gas pollution. He’s also removed EPA web pages related to climate change, according to The Washington Post.

On August 23, the Trump Administration abruptly cancelled a $325,000 annual EPA grant to the Chesapeake Bay Journal in the second year of what was supposed to be a six-year agreement.  This put the 27 year old journalistic institution, which reports on climate change and many other issues critical to the Chesapeake, in immediate risk of severe cuts or closure.

Let's Talk Teens

Oct 25, 2017

At Maryland Family Network we say that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important. That’s true but today we want to talk about teenagers. 

With the Odds Against Her, Morgan Danced

Oct 24, 2017

In recognition of October as ADHD Awareness Month, Dr. Mary Leppert from Kennedy Krieger’s Infant Neurodevelopmental Center describes how little Morgan, born premature at only 26 weeks gestation, overcomes the challenges of ADHD and cerebral palsy and goes on to thrive in academics, dancing and life.

Dustin Aksland

Like any region with a distinguished seafood heritage, our Chesapeake Bay has attracted national, even international attention. Chefs around the country have taken notice of our traditions and have found inspiration on the shores of the bay.

Here in Baltimore, an accomplished New York City chef has come to town to open a pair of restaurants. Rye Street Tavern and Rec Pier Chop House are under his supervision.

In order to incorporate local flavor into his menus, Chef Carmellini spent time on the Easter Shore absorbing ideas for his kitchen. He came away impressed with how versatile the blue crab can be, and how superb the Chesapeake Bay rockfish is. He intends to rotate new ideas into his menus on a regular basis to present Maryland seafood at its best. Here is one of Chef Carmellini's best crab recipes.

How Art Affects Humanity Over Time

Oct 24, 2017
The Walters Art Museum

Dr. Julia Marciari-Alexander expounds on how The Walters is looking to "art from the past to help us find calm in the fast-paced times of today."