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Carroll County schools open 2 hours late. In other news: Governor Martin O’Malley says more about a possible presidential campaign, the push to raise MD’s minimum wage, another gubernatorial candidate signs on to public financing while lawmakers push to expand the system, longshoremen prepare for contract vote.

There's a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for Baltimore City, southern Baltimore County, and Howard County. Much of the rest of the area's under a Winter Storm Warning, including northern Baltimore County and Harford, Carroll, Frederick, and Washington counties.

Towson: The Next Bethesda?

Feb 2, 2014

Here’s Baltimore County’s vision thing for Towson in five or ten years, after several big development projects are built: you buy or rent a nice place downtown. You walk to work in a nearby shop or office so you don’t need a car. Or maybe you use a bike. There will be bike racks everywhere. Or, you take a bus.

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An emergency health care bill is signed into law. The State Senate may be done with hearings on the MD’s troubled health care exchange. The General Assembly sets dates for minimum wage debate. Gansler and Mizeur hold gubernatorial debate. Development in Towson. And much more.

Election 2014: The Debate Debate

WYPR's Joel McCord and Paul Herrnson of the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research talk about why Lt. Governor Anthony Brown's proposed gubernatorial debate schedule is surprising.

A look at this morning’s school delays and closures on the Eastern Shore. Plus: the minimum wage, speed cameras, a surcharge for BGE gas customers, Hogan names Rutherford as running mate, a protest at the GOP House retreat in Cambridge, and more.

A look at this morning’s school delays and closures. Plus: MD’s unemployment rate, speed cameras, gubernatorial debate proposals, Obama’s MD visit, illegal dumping, boating restrictions near Cambridge, & General Assembly issues, including health insurance, “revenge porn,” domestic violence.

The Baltimore City Council moves forward with an investigation into the city’s troubled speed and red light camera system. The City Council votes down a bill that would have imposed a bag fee. Plus: the push to raise MD’s minimum wage, MD’s small business exchange, and more.

Baltimore’s troubled speed and red light camera system will be the focus of today’s City Council meeting.

We round up this morning’s Eastern Shore school delays. An update on Saturday’s fatal shooting at the Mall in Columbia. A preview of today’s Baltimore City Council meeting, which will focus on the city’s troubled speed camera system. Also: gubernatorial debates, Obama’s planned PG visit, and O’Malley’s fiscal legacy.

Police have identified the gunman who killed two people at a Maryland shopping mall before taking his own life, but officials say they still don't know why he did it or whether the assailant had any relationship with the victims.

As we reported, the shooting occurred at about 11 a.m. Saturday at the Mall in Columbia in the Baltimore suburb of Columbia, Md.


Governor Martin O’Malley delivered his final state of the state speech today in Annapolis. Over the course of about 30 minutes, O’Malley took something of a victory lap, listing his achievements over the last seven years – from legalizing same sex marriage and passing the DREAM Act to repealing the death penalty and enacting gun control legislation. All in all, he said, the state of the state is strong.

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Several schools in Central MD are opening late, while some on the Eastern Shore are closed; we round up the schedule changes. Plus: the "State of the State" speech, speed cameras, marijuana policy, Gansler's call for an early voting expansion, and Rawlings-Blake's call for more infrastructure spending.

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Schools in Central Maryland are on 2-hour delays; many schools on the Eastern Shore are closed. We round up the schedule changes, preview Governor Martin O'Malley's "State Of The State" speech, and look at a secret audit of Baltimore's speed camera system showing a 10% error rate in 2012. And much more.

Sometimes, I wonder if either I’ve lost my mind or if the world around me, or, at least that part of it that is attached to sports, isn’t going bat-guano crazy.

I’ve thought that my perception of things was reasonably sound, and based in some kind of reality. But maybe I’m wrong.

Perhaps, I’ve become the old man in slippers yelling for all the kids to get off my lawn, and the world has just moved to a more highly advanced place and left me behind.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Bryan Sears of the Daily Record talk about the State Senate passing a bill to help families get health insurance if they had trouble with Maryland's online marketplace.

Public schools in Central Maryland are closed today, as the region cleans up from yesterday's snow. Parts of the listening area saw as much as 10 inches accumulate; more than 7 inches were reported in parts of Baltimore City. Snowfall totals here from the Baltimore Sun.

We round up the schedule changes in effect on this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Plus: two more problems for MD’s troubled health insurance exchange – mis-mailed Medicaid packets and an incorrect contact number. And an update on fundraising in the Anne Arundel County Executive’s race.

The latest on issues in the General Assembly (and the Governor’s race), including: the minimum wage, the “rain tax,” pre-kindergarten education, the Common Core curriculum, MSA tests, MD’s health insurance exchange website, and the estate tax. Plus: the latest on the labor dispute at the Port of Baltimore.

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Governor Martin O’Malley has unveiled a $39.3-billion spending plan for the coming fiscal year, one he’s calling a “jobs budget.” Plus, marijuana policy, fundraising in the governor's race, a report on states' fiscal conditions, pothole repair, and more.

Here are three names that should have dominated the sports headlines last week: Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and Frank Thomas.  They are the names of the three players who were elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame for induction this summer.

Instead, the names that ruled were those of Dan LeBetard and Deadspin, and the fact that those names overshadowed those of Thomas, Maddux and Glavine says a lot about the state of journalism in general and sports journalism in particular in 2014.

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Governor Martin O’Malley rolls out his final budget plan today; yesterday, O’Malley got behind a plan to raise MD’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Plus: yesterday’s hearings on MD’s online health insurance exchange, today’s hearings on Baltimore’s speed camera program, and today’s fog-related school delays.

A look at Senator Barbara Mikulski’s role in negotiating Congress’s budget deal. Plus: hearings today on MD’s online health exchange and retroactive coverage for people who had trouble using it. A longshoremen’s union rejects a proposed contract. Speed cameras. MD’s corporate income tax rate. And more.

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Governor O’Malley took to CNN Sunday to talk about MD’s online health exchange. Lawmakers suggest fixes to MD’s background check backlog. Baltimore City lawmakers prepare to look at smoking, speed cameras. Plus: marijuana, state gas taxes for county vehicles, same-sex marriages, and more.

A roundup of this morning's school schedule changes, a result of freezing rain. Plus: General Assembly matters, including the estate tax, speed cameras, retroactive health insurance, and Del. Don Dwyer's loss of a committee assignment. Also: Baltimore's "taxi tax," a Medicare waiver, and more.

The 2014 General Assembly session is now underway; issues up for debate will include MD’s online health exchange, the minimum wage, marijuana, pre-K education, transportation funding, and many others. Plus: Harbor Point, unemployment benefits, MD schools, and much more.

Under normal circumstances, sports fans and teams from Baltimore don’t have to take a back seat to anyone around the country, least of all Bostonians. And we surely don’t need their advice.  But a column in a Boston newspaper last week offered counsel to the Orioles and their fans that made perfect sense.

A look at Wednesday's school delays, Tuesday's bitter cold, the 2014 General Assembly session, and much more.

Bitter cold has prompted 2-hour delays for schools in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Prince George’s County. Schools are closed in Cecil, Harford, and Washington Counties. A Code Blue Cold Weather Alert is in effect in Baltimore. And officials urge you to conserve power while the cold continues.