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During opening statements, Chief Deputy State's Attorney Michael Schatzow told Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams that Officer Edward Nero disregarded his police training when he chased Freddie Gray and arrested him without probable cause, and was callously indifferent to the 25-year-old's wellbeing when he failed to secure him in a seatbelt.

Schatzow spent about 20 minutes laying out the state's argument.

The day after former Mayor Sheila Dixon announced she wouldn’t seek a recount in Baltimore’s Democratic mayoral primary, the state Board of Elections de-certified those results and began a review. 

The fight over air conditioning in Baltimore County schools boiled over at Wednesday’s state Board of Public Works meeting.

The board voted to withhold school construction money from both the county and Baltimore City until the two jurisdictions release a plan for putting air-conditioning in every classroom by the start of the next school year.

Jonna McKone

There’s been a lot of attention focused on Baltimore’s youth in the year since Freddie Gray died. And much of that spotlight has been on Frederick Douglass High School. Images of dozens of Douglass students throwing rocks and bottles were captured on TV as protests turned violent the day of Gray’s funeral.  As part of our series, Baltimore: A Year after Freddie Gray, we look at how Douglass students are trying to take control of their own story.

Douglass students, their teachers and a group of reporters crammed into the school library on Wednesday to field questions about how the school has changed since Freddie Gray. Several students, two teachers, a school police officer and City Schools CEO Dr. Gregory Thornton, sat at the front of the room. Behind them were scrolling images of Baltimore residents photographed on city streets.  A scrum of cameras from local TV stations filmed from behind the audience. 

The first questions came from the students.


Dixon’s comeback try falls short

Apr 27, 2016

Despite her loss, former Mayor Sheila Dixon was feeling the love at her election night party. Her concession speech was interrupted several times by supporters shouting that they love her, and Dixon sent that message right back to them. 

Chris Van Hollen’s victory party last night took on a festive glow long before positive results were more than just exit polls and wishful thinking. It might well be called a moment of affirmation after a bruising campaign. 

Pugh secures Democratic nod for mayor

Apr 27, 2016

State Senator Catherine Pugh claimed victory last night in a tightly contested Democratic mayoral primary that became tighter as the evening went on, then focused on unity and moving forward in her victory speech. 

Edwards goes down swinging

Apr 27, 2016

Congresswoman Donna Edwards fell short yesterday in her quest to become only the second black woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate. But she didn’t bow out of the race for the Democratic nomination before delivering a fiery speech that pointed out some uncomfortable truths to her fellow Maryland Democrats. 

Maryland Primary Results

Apr 26, 2016


President: Hillary Clinton (D); Donald Trump (R)
Senate: Chris Van Hollen (D); Kathy Szeliga (R)
Congressional District 4: Jamie Raskin (D); Dan Cox (R)
Congressional District 8: Anthony Brown (D); George McDermott (R) 


Baltimore Mayoral: Catherine Pugh (D); Alan Walden (R)
Baltimore City Council President: Jack Young (D) INCUMBENT; Shannon Wright (R)
Comptroller: Joan Pratt (D) INCUMBENT
District 1: Zeke Cohen (D); Matthew McDaniel (R)
District 2: Brandon Scott (D) INCUMBENT; Gregory Yarberough (R)
District 3: Ryan Dorsey (D)
District 4: Bill Henry (D) INCUMBENT; William Broaddus III (R)
District 5: Isaac Schleifer (D)
District 6: Sharon Middleton (D) INCUMBENT
District 7: Leon Pinkett III (D); Tamara Purnell (R)
District 8: Kristerfer Burnett (D); Joseph Brown Jr. (R)
District 9: John Bullock (D); Kenneth Earl Ebron Jr. (R)
District 10: Edward Reisinger (D) INCUMBENT; Christine Digman (R)
District 11: Eric Costello (D) INCUMBENT
District 12: Robert Stokes Sr. (D)
District 13: Shannon Sneed (D); George Johnson (R)
District 14: Mary Pat Clarke (D) INCUMBENT; Thomas Boyce (R)

*13 precincts have not yet reported

Primary choices

Apr 26, 2016

Primary day in Maryland started with some fireworks when nearly fifteen hundred people showed up at Sandi’s Learning Center on Ellamont Avenue to work for mayoral candidate Catherine Pugh. They said they were promised paying jobs, but it all went south when campaign staffers said they didn’t need anyone else.