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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Thurs. April 16, 1-2 PM
11:09 am
Thu April 16, 2015

Midday on the Bay

McDonald's recently announced that it will reduce the use of antibiotics in its chicken products.

From antibiotics in chicken feed to flame retardants in children’s pajamas, what is a real threat to human health and what is just noise from the Internet? Joining us to sort through fact and fiction are Midday contributor Rona Kobell of the Chesapeake Bay Journal, Maryn McKenna of National Geographic, and Michael Hawthorne of the Chicago Tribune.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks: Thurs. April 16, 12-1 PM
10:56 am
Thu April 16, 2015

Bryan Voltaggio

The two-time Top Chef finalist joins Dan in Studio A to discuss his new cookbook, “Home: Recipes to Cook with Family and Friends.” The book focuses on American comfort food, including “crab waffles Chesapeake,” buttermilk biscuits and corn chowder. Bryan Voltaggio is the owner of the restaurants Volt, Aggio, LunchBox, Family Meal, and Range, all located in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia region.

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The Morning Economic Report
8:45 pm
Wed April 15, 2015

Grim Assessment of Retiree Medical Expenses - 4/16/15

HealthView Services, a Massachusetts based company that supplies retirement healthcare cost data and tools to financial advisors, recently released a grim assessment of retiree medical expenses.  The report was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal.  Among other things, the report concludes that a sixty-six year old couple retiring this year with average Social Security benefits can expect medical costs to consume sixty seven percent of the social security they will receive during retirement. 

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Cellar Notes
8:37 pm
Wed April 15, 2015

Spring Whites - 4/15/15

Price key:  $=less than $20  $$= $20-40   $$$=$40-60  $$$$=above $60
Quality key:  * = decent wine   ** = very good wine   *** = superb wine   ****= elite

Broadbent Vinho Verde Portugal NV  *1/2  $
(Totally charming, very light, sparkling, perfect for spring)

Husch Chenin Blanc, Mendocino '13  **  $
(A little off-dry, perfect for spicy Thai or Moroccan food)

Les Fosses d'Hareng Vouvray '12 **  $
(Perfect daffodil wine, slightly sweet, very fruity, with mineral notes)

Ruffino Orvietto Classico '13  **  $
(Light, round, supple and loaded with flavor, fresh as a daisy)

Many of these fine wines can be purchased at Wine World.

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The First Five Years
4:01 pm
Wed April 15, 2015

First Five Years: What is positive discipline?

Discipline means "to teach." By using positive discipline we help our children avoid negative behaviors.

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Midday with Dan Rodricks Wed. Apr.15, 2015 1-2 PM
12:03 pm
Wed April 15, 2015

Midday On The Media

David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun TV critic and Midday on the Media contributor, is back with his latest observations on television and the news, including a look at locally-produced "VEEP", media coverage of the Walter Scott shooting in South Carolina, among other topics. 

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Midday with Dan Rodricks Wed. Apr.15, 2015 12-1 PM
11:54 am
Wed April 15, 2015

Whither College?

In her new book, “American Higher Education in Crisis?” Goldie Blumenstyk, senior writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education, argues that our system of two- and four-year colleges, public and private, is at a tipping point. Demographics are changing, costs are rising and distance-learning poses a threat to the traditional model. A look at the future of higher ed.

With production assistance from former Midday intern, Kerry DeSantis.

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Maryland Morning
9:00 am
Wed April 15, 2015

Looking At Child Abuse Through The Lens Of Prevention

Credit Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

We begin this morning with Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau, who is the Director of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Most of us encounter discussions of child abuse after the fact; once a crime has been committed, too late for the child who has been victimized and who faces sometimes a lifetime of effects and consequences.  Dr. Letourneau has been studying ways to prevent child abuse for more than 25 years, and on Friday, the Moore Center will host a symposium in which researchers and even self-admitted, non-offending pedophiles will talk about interventions to stop these crimes before they occur.  It’s a tough subject, and if you’re listening to our program with young children, or if you are yourself a victim of child abuse, we need you to know that while our conversation will not be graphic, it will include discussion about some very troubling things.  Troubling, but important.  Elizabeth Letourneau joins me today in Studio A.      

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Maryland Morning
8:55 am
Wed April 15, 2015

Mario Livio: Exploring The Power And Language Of Math Across Centuries

deserted hive
Credit photo courtesy of fdecomite// Flickr Creative Commons

Mario Livio is pushing past another horizon.  Not just a senior astrophysicist at the science institute that manages the Hubble Space Telescope, not just a renaissance man who connects science with classical music, not just an author of books of history of science: now he’s taken on the role guiding TV viewers through the mysteries of mathematics.  Maryland Public Television and other public television stations will premiere “The Great Math Mystery” on NOVA at 9 pm tonight. Dr. Livio joins Sheilah in our studio.

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Maryland Morning
8:45 am
Wed April 15, 2015

An Arts Festival For All Seasons

Todd Olson, Executive Director of the Columbia Festival of the Arts

The Columbia Festival of the Arts is about to launch its new season of events, and they do so with a new schedule and a new executive director. Todd Olson took the reins of the 28-year-old festival in August. He comes to Howard County from St. Petersburg, FL, where he served for 11 years as the artistic director of the American Stage Theatre Company. The Columbia Festival of the Arts Spring Festival opens tomorrow, and runs through the weekend. It’s called "American Routes". Todd Olson joins Tom Hall this morning to talk about it.