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Pot Pies

Feb 2, 2016

February 2, 2016 - Radio Kitchen - Pot Pies  

If ever there were a season for comfort food, this is it.  Give me something hot and hearty, homey and familiar, and I'll be a happy boy. And as Chef Jerry Pellegrino of Schola Cooking School can attest, very few dishes answer better in the bleak mind-winter than a pot pie.

You would have been hard pressed to find an economist who thought that low oil and gasoline prices would fail to lift U.S. economic growth.  The conventional wisdom has been that when oil prices rise, the U.S. economy suffers – when they fall, America benefits. 


Our planet is misnamed. With 71 percent of it underwater, what we call Earth is really a water planet. For us earthlings, who can only thrive on land, that’s a problem, one compounded by our inability to live where it’s too cold, hot, dry or wet for us.


Feb 2, 2016

The story of one of the lesser known heroes of the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904. 

"Diamond" Jim Brady

Feb 2, 2016

The story of "Diamond" Jim Brady, a man with an enormous appetite, a love of diamonds, and a very generous spirit.   

Aggression, insomnia, headaches, and even seizures. A traumatic brain injury can have life-altering consequences for individuals and their families. Today we’ll hear from Dr. Sandeep Vaishnavi, a neuropsychiatrist at Duke University Medical Center and the co-author of "The Traumatized Brain: A Family Guide to Understanding Mood, Memory, and Behavior after Brain Injury," published by John Hopkins University Press. We'll met Tom and Mary Longest, a husband and wife who struggled to adjust to their "new normal" after an accident. And we speak to Dr.

According to a new report from Oxfam International, the world’s sixty two richest billionaires enjoy as much wealth as the bottom half of the world’s population.  The wealthiest one percent of the world’s population own more than everyone else combined, a milestone that was achieved last year.  What’s more, wealth continues to become increasingly concentrated at the top of global wealth pyramid. 

America’s three largest banks – JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo earned more than $6 billion just from ATM and overdraft fees last year – this according to an analysis by SNL Financial and CNNMoney. 

Eduardo Perez / U.S. Customs and Border Protection

A flood, a surge, an influx. In 2014, headline writers struggled to convey the massive number of Central American children crossing the border into the United States. Those headlines have faded, but the kids are still coming. In fact, we are likely on the cusp of a new, equally large wave of unaccompanied minors from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. As in the previous surge, many of these children are coming to Maryland.

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Baltimore is home to more than 600,000 people, and while there are many restaurants and grocery stores and food markets across this city, there are also places where poverty and geography and a history of racism have combined to create so-called “food deserts” – neighborhoods where it’s difficult for residents to find any fresh, wholesome food. Tom's first guest this morning is the Reverend Dr. Heber Brown

He’s the senior pastor at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in North Baltimore. He decided to address the problem of food deserts by creating the Black Church Food Security Network. His work to bring food from local farmers to city neighborhoods by way of a network of churches has earned Heber Brown numerous accolades, including being named one of the 50 best and brightest people working to save the planet, by the online environmental journal, GRIST. And he's won kudos as well for his many other initiatives, including a residential solar project, an orchard program, and a freedom school that teaches youth about growing and cooking their own food.