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During the 2014-2015 school year, more than 70,000 students in Maryland were suspended or expelled from school. Some for serious offenses like fighting or bringing weapons to school, but others for cheating or disrupting class. Minority students are far more likely than whites to be suspended, and being suspended multiple times is more closely linked to dropping out than failing grades. Is removing a student from school the best way to address misbehavior? What are the consequences of suspension, on both students and the school environment?

Community Schools

Sep 16, 2016
Glenn Harton

In the 1990's, Cincinnati's schools were so bad that Ohio's Supreme Court deemed them unconstitutional and demanded a radical overhaul.  The city answered the call with a remarkable innovation:  They   converted the schools into community learning centers, where healthcare, dental care and daycare could all happen in the building, right alongside academics.  Wes looks at how community schools changed life in Cincinnati, and how Baltimore has begun to embrace the trend, as well.

Sagamore Development

The Baltimore City Council is set to deliver the final vote on the Port Covington development project.

On Wednesday the Board of Estimates approved the $100 million community benefits deal. The deal, which includes a commitment to hire 30 percent of all infrastructure construction workers from Baltimore and mandates that 20 percent of housing units built must be affordable, was reached through negotiations between Sagamore and several local community groups. Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD) was one of the groups at the table and the organization contends that the community benefits deal will help residents of Baltimore in an unprecedented way. Critics say the deal doesn’t go far enough to ensure equity for Baltimore’s poorest residents, citing loopholes in the affordable housing commitment and low wages for construction workers.  Bishop Douglas Miles is the Pastor of Koinonia Baptist Church and a co-chair emeritus of BUILD. He joins Tom to talk about the community negotiations and the final deal. We’ll also hear from Monisha Cherayil, an attorney with the Public Justice Center. She shares her concerns about the deal, particularly its somewhat conditional promises of affordable housing. 

Photo by Harris for Baltimore

In another installment of our Talking With the Candidates series, Joshua Harris, the Green Party’s nominee for mayor of Baltimore, joins Tom in the Maryland Morning studio.

Mr. Harris is 30 years old and lives in the Hollins Market area of Southwest Baltimore.  He is a community activist and co-founder of Hollins Creative Placemaking.  He is also managing editor of The Sphinx, the magazine of Alpha Phi Alpha, the African-American national fraternity based in Baltimore -- and a former legislative aide for Delegate Charles Sydnor, who represents parts of Baltimore County (Dist 44B).

A Chicago native and a graduate of Augsburg College in Minneapolis,  Mr. Harris moved to Baltimore in 2012.

Harris is running for mayor, he says, because, in the wake of the uprising and riots of 2015, Baltimore needs transformational change, not just -- as he puts it -- tinkering with the status quo.

This week, the relative political newcomer was named “Best Politician” in the City Paper’s annual ‘Best of Baltimore’ issue. 

Mother's Lament

Mother’s Lament: So Many Names Unknown, So Many Sons Lost, a new oratorio being performed at Morgan State University explores the tragic homicide epidemic in Baltimore. Homicide is the national leading cause of death for black males ages 15-34. The piece is in response to last year's uprising and seeks to acknowledge and console the grieving families and communities that have lost sons to violence. Composers James Lee, III and Vincent Dion Stringer join Tom in the studio to talk about Mother's Lament.  Dr. Lee is on the faculty at Morgan State and Mr. Stringer heads the university's Opera Department.

Mother’s Lament: So Many Names Unknown, So Many Sons Lost premieres tomorrow night at the Gilliam Concert Hall in the Murphy Fine Arts Center at Morgan State University. Julien Benichou conducts the Mid-Atlantic Orchestra with soprano Marquita Lister, bass-baritone, Robert Cantrell, and the renowned Morgan State University Choir, the Boys Choir of Powhatan, Singing Sensations Youth Choir, and singers from several HBCU choruses.  The concert begins at 8:00pm. For tickets click here.

Many families would love to take a vacation.  Finances often get in the way.  The cost of airfare can be dear along with lodging, food and other expenses.  The issue often comes down to the fact that airfares need to be paid upfront, and many families simply don’t have that much liquidity. 

Census Bureau estimates of household income in twenty fourteen indicate that the typical American family earned a bit less than fifty three thousand seven hundred dollars that year.  When adjusted for inflation, that figure is about thirty seven hundred dollars less than it was in two thousand and seven and more than four thousand dollars less than in two thousand. 

Olive Waxter & Ron Legler

Sep 15, 2016

Tom talks with Olive Waxter, the director of the Hippodrome Foundation, and Ron Legler, President of the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center, about the Hippodrome's Education Programs.

Defence Images/Flickr via Creative Commons

Under President Obama, drones have become this country’s weapon of choice in our fight against terrorism. Over half of the pilots now trained by the Air Force are drone pilots. Advocates say drones allow us to find and destroy our adversaries without endangering American lives. They can stay in the air for countless hours, tracking movement below, gathering information, and waiting for a good shot. But critics say drones too often kill civilians and function as a recruiting tool for terrorists. They also charge that drones operate outside the bounds of international law. How have drones changed the face of warfare? What are the ethical implications of this technology?