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Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen joins Tom in the studio for our monthly Healthwatch conversation. Dr. Wen discusses how to stay safe during our dangerous Code Red heat-alert conditions. The Health Commissioner also talks about the continuing efforts to keep the Zika virus from spreading in Maryland, about the serious opioid overdose epidemic in Baltimore, and the informational website DontDie.org  that the city recently launched, which shows you how to administer Naloxone, a drug that can save a person from a potentially fatal opioid overdose.

Photo by Arash Azizzada

The Department of Justice released a scathing report on the Baltimore Police Department on Wednesday. The report found systematic deficiencies and a pattern of unconstitutional and racially biased behavior in the department. 

The DOJ found that BPD routinely made unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests, used excessive force, retaliated against people engaging in constitutionally-protected expression, targeted African-Americans communities, failed to adequately investigate sexual assault allegations, and failed to hold officers accountable for wrongdoing.  Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis joins Tom by phone to respond to the report. 

P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

A damning report by the Department of Justice reveals a pattern and practice of unconstitutional policing in Baltimore: illegal stops and arrests, excessive force and public strip searches, the targeting of predominantly African-American neighborhoods. The report reached a conclusion already experienced by many Baltimore residents -- that the Baltimore Police Department’s methods have broken the public’s trust. What’s next? Baltimore must draft a court-enforceable consent decree detailing reforms…reforms expected to cost the city millions of dollars. Can the Baltimore Police Department rebuild its relationship with the community? Is the city willing to devote time and resources to remedying years of discrimination and excessive force? Our guests: Kwame Rose, activist and and producer with The Real News Network; and Lieutenant Roy Alston, a patrol watch commander with the Dallas Police Department who has worked on past investigations with the US Department of Justice; former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor Martin O'Malley.

EPA Chesapeake Bay Program

It was just before sunrise, and in the shadow of the Domino's sugar plant in Baltimore Harbor three friends were fishing from a small boat. Nearby, even though it was on a Sunday, employees were hard at work outside the factory in hardhats and yellow vests, using a giant crane to unload a Panamanian freighter.   The sugar plant’s nearly century-old, eight-story brick building rose up over the ship next to three metal tanks labelled "blackstrap molasses."

The fishermen used an electric motor to purr slowly along beside a long wooden pier, casting their lines into the dark, smooth water.  A cool breeze stirred, the sun rose above the horizon, and light flashed off the glass office buildings of downtown Baltimore like they were on fire.

After a while, one of the fishermen caught something – and reeled in a striped bass.

What to Look For

Aug 10, 2016

It's time to make the hardest choice a new parent can make: selecting a child care provider. Find out if you're ready.

Pinot Grigio

Aug 10, 2016

Price key:  $=less than $20  $$= $20-40   $$$=$40-60  $$$$=above $60

Quality key:  * = decent wine   ** = very good wine   *** = superb wine   **** = elite

Attems Pinot Grigio, Venezia Giulia '14  *   $

(Notes of lime and green apple in a tart, simple format)

Terlato Pinot Grigio, Friuli '15 **  $

(Light on fruit, but has a good smooth texture, easy drinking dry white)

Nals Margriel Pinot Gris, Alto Adige '14 ** $  VALUE

(Firm and flavorful, some complexity, nice round texture)

Terra d'Oro Pinot Grigio, Santa Barbara '14 *1/2  $

(A good mouthful of wine, with a burst of sweet fruit)

Many of these fine wines can be purchased at Reds Wine and Spirits.  

"Wild Rose, part one"

Aug 10, 2016

Did you know that dinosaurs didn’t actually go extinct? One group is still with us: they’re called birds. Were you aware that most dinosaurs had feathers? Does it surprise you to hear that Tyrannosaurus Rex is closer to us in time than it was to Stegosaurus? Dinosaurs are as popular as ever, particularly among children. But the picture the general public has of them hasn’t kept pace with the science. Today University of Maryland dinosaur paleontologist Thomas Holtz, Jr. joins us to talk discoveries, dispel myths and tell us how we know what we know about one of the most successful groups of animals to ever walk the earth. Original air date: May 11, 2016.

Photo courtesy Frederick County Government

Today we begin with another installment in our Focus on the Counties series. Tom is joined by Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner. Ms. Gardner is 59 years old and a native of Northwestern Pennsylvania. She moved to Frederick County in the early 90s, where her husband’s family has resided for six generations. A mother of three adult children, she and her husband now live in the city of Frederick.

Ms. Gardner is a Democrat and Frederick County’s first County Executive.  She holds an M.B.A. from Xavier University. She served as Frederick County Commissioner and the President of Frederick County Commissioners before being elected County Executive in 2014.

According to census data released last year, Frederick County is the fifth fastest-growing county in the state of Maryland.  County Executive Jan Gardner explains how that growth has been affecting life - and governance - in Frederick County.


Jazz and classical pianist Jeffrey Chappell joins Tom to discuss his new quartet Otherworld

Chappell, who is the director of Jazz studies at Goucher College, taught or directed all of his band mates at some point in his career. The band included Jake Kohlhas on guitar, Chris Taylor on bass, and Jake Marinari on percussion.  Unlike other bands, Otherworld, which was born out of a jam session, doesn’t have a "leader."  Instead, members enjoy equal status and input.  Chappell talks with Tom about the band’s genesis and what inspires their music.