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Earlier this month, the Census Bureau supplied some long anticipated good news for America’s working class – incomes for the typical household increased by a robust five point two percent last year.  What was perhaps most interesting was that average incomes expanded the most among families earning the least. 

Early to bed and early to rise makes us healthy, wealthy, and wise. But do you know why? Find out!

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken a lot of heat for not releasing his tax returns. While it isn’t mandatory, presidential candidates have released their tax records since George Romney called Richard Nixon out for refusing to release his in 1968. Over the weekend the New York Times published a copy of Mr. Trump’s 1995 returns that they say was sent to them by mail. The document shows that Mr. Trump reported a $916 million dollar business loss -- a loss that may have allowed him to legally duck out on federal taxes for 18 years. Add that to a less than stellar debate performance last week and  you could say Mr. Trump is having a very bad, no good couple of weeks.

Jenna Johnson covers the Trump campaign for the Washington Post. She joins to discuss how Trump's campaign is responding. 

Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Last night vice presidential candidates Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine met in Farmville, VA for a 90-minute debate that had more than a few moments of interruptions from the candidates.  

So what did we learn? Did either Vice Presidential candidate move the needle for their respective campaigns? A. Adar Ayira is the Director of Programs for the More in the Middle Initiative with Associated Black Charities.  She also serves on the advisory board of Baltimore Racial Justice Action. Richard Cross is a former Capitol Hill staffer, and a speechwriter for Gov. Robert Ehrlich. He also volunteered as a speechwriter at the Republican National Convention this summer. They join Tom for Vice Presidential debate analysis. 


Oct 5, 2016

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Welcome to Radio Kitchen, I'm Al Spoler.  Sometimes we Americans think we're the only people in the world who understand barbecue.  Now I'm not saying we don't get it awesomely right... but there are other places that have pretty strong traditions of their own.

And Chef Jerry Pelligrino of Schola Cooking School, you've been looking into something totally new to me.

Jon Spelman

Oct 4, 2016

Tom talks with story teller and theater artist Jon Spelman.


Tom is joined in the studio for the full hour by Delegate Kathy Szeliga.  She is the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who has served in Congress longer than any woman in history.  Del. Szeliga will go head-to-head with her chief rival for that senate seat in November: Representative Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat, who has served Maryland’s 8th Congressional District since 2003. (To listen to Tom's pre-primary interview with Rep. Van Hollen on the March 2, 2016 Maryland Morning program​, click here.)   Del. Szeliga has represented Baltimore and Harford Counties in the Maryland House of Delegates' District 7 for five years, and is the minority whip.  Should she be Maryland’s next U.S. senator? A conversation with Del. Kathy Szeliga. 

This program is part of Tom Hall's Talking with the Candidates series that began early this year on Maryland Morning and continues now on Midday -- an ongoing effort to help inform you about the Maryland candidates running for local, state and national elective offices.