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Toby Bozzuto - 6/14/16

Jun 14, 2016

As President and Chief Executive Officer of The Bozzuto Group, Toby Bozzuto is responsible for providing strategic as well as day-to-day leadership for the company and its nearly 2,000 employees, in addition to helping guide future growth for all four of the company’s operating businesses - Bozzuto Development, Bozzuto Construction, Bozzuto Management and Bozzuto Homes.

Toby joined The Bozzuto Group in 2001, in 2007 was named Partner, and in 2013 was named President. He previously worked with J.P. Morgan Chase's Real Estate Debt Group, and was also a financial analyst with Columbia National Real Estate Finance.

June 14, 2016 - Radio Kitchen - French Café Food

Well I've gone and done it again.  I've dashed off to Paris, looking for a mighty fine time, and I found it.  Vickie and I just spent a week there and a lot of time was spent, very pleasantly, in the cafés of Paris.  Chef Jerry Pellegrino of Schola Cooking School agrees, there are few more evocative locales than a French café.

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  People are beginning to stay in place as they move into retirement.

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The death of forty-nine people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida marks the deadliest mass shooting in United States’ history. As new details emerge about the gunman, we discuss one factor that’s played a role in other shootings: mental illness. Is there a link between mental illness and mass shootings? Can a diagnosis of mental illness predict future violence? While politicians call for increased access to mental health treatment and laws to prevent those with mental illness from accessing firearms, researchers say that these conversations distract from a more effective remedy to mass shootings: gun law reform. 

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In Baltimore City, approximately 25% of school-aged children drink one or more sodas per day. Should sugary drinks come with a label warning against the health risks? And, Prince’s death has been ruled an accidental overdose on the powerful drug fentanyl. In our monthly Healthwatch conversation, Baltimore City’s Health Commissioner Leana Wen, who is a leading voice against opioid abuse, joins Tom to discuss sugary drinks, prescription drug abuse and more. 

Tom then speaks with three local directors Katie Hileman, of the The Interrobang Theatre Company, Evan Moritz, of the Annex Theatre, and Genevieve de Mahy, of Single Carrot Theatre, about stepping out of the wings and onto the stage in Single Carrot Theatre’s Midlife. Theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck has a review of Cohesion Theater’s production of Neverwhere.    Then we head over to Chestertown, Maryland, where residents are gearing up for their annual June 16th observance of Bloomsday, a celebration of James Joyce’s iconic work Ulysses. Bob Mooney, Professor of English and Creative Writing at Washington College, and actress Melissa McGlynn join Tom to share what folks can look forward to on Bloomsday.  

Professor Mikita Brottman is a psychoanalyst, cultural critic and Oxford-educated scholar of the humanities. She’d had the experience of teaching smart, well-prepared students at MICA … but what would it be like to share books she loved with men convicted of serious crimes, and serving time for them at Jessup Correctional Institute? She tells what it’s like in her new book, "The Maximum Security Book Club: Reading Literature in a Men’s Prison." In this hour we talk to Brottman about what the experience meant. We ask what surprised her about the men and the workings of the prison, and how their discussions changed her view of literature. And we’ll meet one of her readers, now free. 

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Dr. Leana Wen is Baltimore City’s Health Commissioner, and she joins us here on Maryland Morning each month for our Healthwatch segment -- conversations about issues affecting the health and well-being of Charm City residents.

In today's program, Dr. Wen talks with Tom about her continuing campaign against opioid painkiller abuse, and her participation  last week with other Baltimore community leaders in a White House meeting on the city's social and economic resurgence.

And Dr. Wen talks with Tom about the obesity threat posed by sugary drinks, and her support for pending City Council legislation requiring warning signs to be posted wherever sugar-sweetened beverages are sold. For more information about the proposal to require warnings about sugary drinks, click here.

Single Carrot Theatre

The Single Carrot Theatre is currently running a breathtaking performance of Midlife, a play discussing the difficult changes of life. Three local directors, Katie Hileman, of the The Interrobang Theatre Company, Evan Moritz, of the Annex Theatre, and Genevieve de Mahy, of Single Carrot Theatre, are stepping onto the stage as actors in this intimate display of a fight against time. Katie, Evan, and Genevieve join Tom in-studio to discuss the show's development and the theater scene in Baltimore. 

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In the world of Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere,” there are talking rats, duplicitous angels and immortal assassins.

Most of the action takes place below ground in the London sewers and subway, or “tube.” The supernatural goings-on include a girl who can walk through doors -- where there are no doors.

With so much imaginative material, you might expect the theatrical adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel to take its own leaps of fantasy. But ambitious as Cohesion Theatre Company’s efforts may be, in many respects, director Brad Norris’ production and playwright Robert Kauzlaric’s script are too literal an interpretation of the book  (a book that was, itself, adapted from Gaiman’s BBC-TV series).

Bob Mooney, Melissa McGlynn

Literature lovers in Chestertown are gearing up for their 2nd annual Bloomsday, a celebration of Irish writer James Joyce’s seminal 1922 novel, Ulysses.  Bloomsday is named after the Blooms, the story's protagonist family. 

The novel takes place on June 16, 1904 and every year on that day literature fans and Joyce lovers around the world convene to mark the occasion with dramatic readings, discussions, food and drink.  Melissa McGlynn is an actress who will be performing an iconic passage from the novel known as "Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy" during the Bloomsday festivities.  Bob Mooney is a Professor of English and Creative Writing at Washington College. He’ll be leading a discussion of the novel.  They both join Tom from Washington College in Chestertown to discuss the significance of Ulysses and what people can look forward to on Bloomsday.