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Ric Cottom

Host, Your Maryland

Ric Cottom, host of "Your Maryland," came to Baltimore more than four decades ago and never left. Formerly the editor and publisher at the Maryland Historical Society, he now runs the Chesapeake Book Company, publishing Chesapeake regional history, biography, and environmental studies.

Ric lives in historic Roland Park with his lovely wife Barbara. He loves Maryland seafood, Hopkins lacrosse, Ravens football, good books, tropical islands, and a dry martini, in no particular order.

From the shores of the Chesapeake to the Allegheny Mountains, "Your Maryland" brings you four centuries of colorful men and women who have called this state home. Join us on Thursdays at 5:30 during All Things Considered and discover—"Your Maryland."


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  Henry Gunther of East Baltimore is the last man to die in World War I. 

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United States Naval Institute

Barney and his Chesapeake fleet battle British forces.  

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Privateer Thomas Boyle captains the The Chausseur, the clipper that would eventually become The Pride of Baltimore.

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