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The Art of Making Your Own Beer

Jun 10, 2016

Credit Jon Roberts / Flickr via Creative Commons

Zymurgy. Trub. Wort. All words related to the art of making beer. Just ask anyone at this week’s National Homebrewers Conference in Baltimore. More than a million Americans now brew their own beer. Some are purists, sticking to traditional ales and lagers. Some dabble in odd ingredients: cucumber, cilantro, even doughnuts. Some use high-tech automated machines; others make magic with little more than a bucket and a hose. Why, in an age of great craft beer, are more and more people making their own suds? This hour, we’ll wet our whistles with two homebrewing experts. Be it sour, session, malt or stout, we’ll talk about the quest for the tastiest draft.

Our guests: Steve Parr, assistant director of the American Homebrewers Association, and Chris Anderson, general manager of Maryland Homebrew