Audiovisual Archiving at the University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library

Jun 12, 2014

Image of the 1954 Colts game
Credit UB Langsdale Library WMAR-TV Collection

Over the past few months, Humanities Connection has had the pleasure of presenting episodes featuring a a variety of libraries and highlighting the great work of librarians around the region.

Hopefully you’ve learned that your local library’s shelves can contain unique and rich archives that bring the past to life. Primary sources, as you know, don’t just have to be in written form.  In fact, with today’s vibrant media landscape, audio and video archives provide compelling content for connecting with the past.  Still, older formats must be digitized, not only for preservation-sake, but so that they can be shared more widely.  Siobahn Hagan, the Audiovisual Archivist at the Langsdale Library at the University of Baltimore, reflects on her work archiving footage from their Special Collections, donated by two local TV stations.