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Baltimore Link: Two Months On, How Is It Working?

Aug 14, 2017

Map of the new Baltimore Link system
Credit MTA

Today, we take another look at Baltimore Link, the city’s new bus system.

Gov. Larry Hogan promised the bus system overhaul after he killed the proposed Red Line extension of the Light Rail in 2015. Hogan contended that the $135 million overhaul of the Baltimore bus system would be a better option that the $2.9 billion dollar light rail proposal.  

MTA officials promised that Baltimore Link would speed up travel times for commuters and get people closer to more of the places where they work.  We discussed Baltimore Link on Midday right after it launched in June, and today, we re-examine it, now that it’s had a couple of months to work out some of the kinks, which are to be expected with any large overhaul.

Joining Midday host Tom Hall this afternoon in Studio A: Kevin Quinn, the acting director of the MD Transit Administration. Before that, he was the agency’s director of planning and programming.  He’s been working on the revamping of the system for some time now.  Samuel Jordan is president of the Baltimore Transit Equity CoalitionKlaus Philipsen is an urban planner and the author of Baltimore: Reinventing an Industrial Legacy City.