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Civilian Review Board Ramping Up Police Oversight

May 27, 2016

(left) Kisha Brown, Director of the Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement. (right) Rodney Hill, Chief of The Office of Professional Standards and Responsibility.
Credit Kisha Brown, Baltimore City Police Department

The Civilian Review Board is an independent city agency tasked with investigating claims of police misconduct including abusive language, harassment, false arrest, and false imprisonment.  The CRB handles complaints for the Baltimore City Police Department, the Baltimore City School Police, the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office, the Baltimore Environmental Police, the Police Force of the Baltimore City Community College, and the Police Force of Morgan State University.

Although the board has been around since 1999, many people don't know it exists and  those who do have called it ineffective. 

Last year, Kisha Brown was appointed by Mayor Rawlings-Blake to be director of the Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement which oversees the CRB. Brown has a new vision for the board and hopes to make it a viable and accountable agency.  Since Brown’s appointment, the CRB launched the Police Complaint Mediation Program, filled two vacancies on the board and hired a additional investigators which enables the board to take on more independent investigations.  CRB has nine members who are nominated by the Mayor and voted on by the city council. There are currently openings for the Southwest, Western and Northeastern district seats.  Kisha Brown and Baltimore City Internal Affairs (Office of Professional Responsibility) Chief Rodney Hill join Tom in-studio to discuss the ongoing efforts to improve police oversight and the relationship between the Baltimore Police Department and the Civilian Review Board.