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Favorite Signal stories from ten years on the air

Oct 15, 2014

As The Signal celebrates ten years on the air at WYPR, these are some all-time favorite stories from over the past decade...

  In 2005, Aaron Henkin met local actor John Morton, whose claim to fame is that he’s that guy who gets stepped on by an ATAT Walker in The Empire Strikes Back.

  Bludgers, Quaffles, and the Golden Snitch – they’re all part of the high-flying sport of Quidditch in the fictional world of Harry Potter.  In 2011, Signal Matt Purdy reported on how the game has cast its spell on real-world college students.

  In 2006, Lisa Morgan visited Charm City Cakes and she spoke with owner & baker Duff Goldman.
  Baltimore cab driver Ahk Adama took Aaron Henkin for a ride-along back in 2006.
  In 2011, some Baltimore “Boy-lesque” performers caught Lisa Morgan’s eye, so she invited them to the studio for a conversation about their magic moves
  In 2005, David Franks had just begun an aggressive chemotherapy treatment to battle cancer.  It was around this time that he spent a few months visiting with Signal producer Aaron Henkin, recording a series of conversations about his life and work.  Those conversations became the basis for this radio biography about the artist.  Franks passed away in 2010.
  In 2004, Aaron Henkin tagged along for the day with professional dog walker Matt Fisher.
  In 2008, Aaron Henkin took listeners to a church on Eastern Avenue in Fells point, where a choral group keeps alive the American musical tradition of Sacred Harp.
  In 2004, Lisa Morgan visited with artist Les Harris at his Amaranthine Museum.
  It’s hard for those of us with our senses intact to imagine a world of blindness, or deafness.  Steven Frank, who has Usher’s Syndrome, has learned to live with both.  In 2009, Aaron Henkin paid him a visit and made this story.