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How To Eat In An Ethical Way

Jun 1, 2015

Credit Socially Responsible Agricultural Project

In 25 years, there may be more than 9.5 billion people inhabiting this planet, and keeping everyone fed with safe, nutritious food will give rise to many thorny ethical issues, as we attempt to produce enough good food to satisfy that incredible need. We talk with Dr. Ruth Faden, the Director of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and the Co-Principal Investigator of the Global Food Ethics Project, about how regional eating habits can affect both the environment and the global population.

The Global Food Ethics Project is an international team of researchers, ethicists, nutritionists and people who study a wide variety of areas related to food policy, and in particular, the ethical challenges of feeding an ever-growing human population. Dr. Faden’s team has just issued a report called the 7 by 5 Agenda for Ethics and Global Food Security, which suggests seven projects that can be undertaken in the next five years to address the complex issues around global food security.