How Latinos Are Accessing Health Care Under the Affordable Care Act

Mar 25, 2014

Credit Compfight

More than 470,000 Marylanders are of Latino origin, just over 8 percent of the state’s population.  Many of them need health insurance.  At Baltimore Medical System’s Highlandtown clinic, navigators are helping people register for care.  Many have been arriving as the March 31st deadline approaches.

It's not only US citizens who are eligible for care under the Affordable Care Act.  All lawfully present people are.  The eligibility requirements are laid out on the federal website.   People who are here illegally are not eligible.  You can learn more about that in this piece on how health care reform may affect the undocumented.

We talk with Pamela Bohrer Brown, Director of Maternal and Child Health and Multicultural Programs at Baltimore Medical System, where close to a fifth of the patient population is Latino.