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How Will Connecticut's Health Exchange Adapt to Maryland?

Apr 8, 2014

Credit Adrian Clark / Flickr / Creative Commons

Maryland's online insurance marketplace, the health exchange is being scrapped in favor of a system created in Connecticut. So, how will Maryland make sure that this around, things are done right? And will it be ready in time for the next open-enrollment period, which starts in November? With Sheilah Kast to answer those questions is Carolyn Quattrocki. She’s Acting Director of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. And, with us by phone from Connecticut is Kevin Counihan, CEO of that state’s exchange, Access Health CT.

It will cost an estimated $40-$50 million dollars to do that. Maryland officials said that is less than it would cost to fix the current bungled marketplace, or to adapt the federal platform.  So, last week the board of Maryland’s health insurance exchange voted to hire Deloitte Consulting, the same firm that developed the software used by Connecticut.

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