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Measuring The Progress Of Baltimore City's Liquor Board

Oct 22, 2014

Credit A. Currell / Flickr / Creative Commons

It’s been three months since leadership in Baltimore City’s Liquor License Board was overhauled. Former city circuit court judge Thomas Ward was appointed as Chairman of the Board, which is a state agency funded in the City budget. Governor Martin O’Malley appointed attorney Dana P. Moore to be one of the three commissioners, and retired City Circuit Court Judge Thomas Ward to be commissioner and chair.  The third commissioner, Harvey Jones, stayed. Sheilah spoke with Chairman Ward yesterday and he said before he was appointed, he was ‘out of touch with what was happening’ with the Board. We hear more from him, and from Fern Shen, editor of Baltimore Brew. Also in the studio is Becky Witt, attorney with the Community Law Center. She also blogs about the Liquor Board at their blog, “Booze News.”