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Midday Politics

Sep 8, 2015

In today’s first hour, a wide-ranging discussion on politics and current events. Congress faced big decisions and tight deadlines- the vote for the Iran nuclear deal could happen as early as this week. Despite increasing opposition to the deal - including from top ranking Democrat, Senator Ben Cardin, President Obama is likely to retain his ability to veto a vote of disapproval. Also, as Europe faces one of its darkest moments since World War II, we’ll discuss why the United States hasn’t gotten involved in the global migrant crisis. Plus, the latest on the Presidential race - underdogs Bernie Sanders and Ben Carson are gaining momentum. Our guests: Melissa Deckman, of Washington College, Max Hilaire, of Morgan State University, and Richard Cross, a former GOP press secretary and gubernatorial speech writer. 

Sen. Ben Cardin recently came out against the Iran nuclear deal.