Paris Climate Talks Are Crucial, Says Environmentalist Bill McKibben | WYPR

Paris Climate Talks Are Crucial, Says Environmentalist Bill McKibben

Nov 20, 2015


French authorities say a United Nations-sponsored climate conference will convene as planned in a Paris suburb on November 30, despite last week's deadly terrorist attacks. Delegates from more than 160 countries will be gathering for the 12-day round of talks, whose goal is to reach a new international accord on reducing emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases.

To find out what's at stake in the Paris climate talks, Maryland Morning senior producer Rob Sivak talks with Bill McKibben, an environmental activist, journalist and author of many books, including “The End of Nature,” the 1989 classic  about our global environmental crisis. He is also the co-founder of, an international network that combats global warming through grassroots political action.  McKibben has been an outspoken critic of the oil and gas industry. In our interview, McKibben calls Exxon-Mobil's alleged support for climate-change denial groups -- despite decades of climate change-confirming research by its own scientists -- "probably the greatest corporate scandal of all time." Exxon-Mobil officials take a different view on their company's website.