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Is The Red Line Project On Track?

Oct 6, 2014

A graphic showing the 2009 original alignment (green) and the 2012 current alignment (blue).
Credit Henry Kay, Maryland Transit Administration

The latest obstacle on the road to the $2.9 billion “Red Line” light rail project is a lawsuit filed by 25 plaintiffs who own 20 properties on North Freemont Avenue in the West Baltimore neighborhood of Poppleton.  Plans call for a tunnel under their houses.   

The 14 mile project will run from East Baltimore out to parts of Baltimore County. The plaintiffs filed suit in Baltimore City Circuit Court.  They contend the plans for a tunnel have made their properties  worthless. They’re asking for $22 million in damages and an injunction to stop the state from going forward with the project. 

Bryan P. Sears, The Daily Record’s business writer, covered the lawsuit last week.  He joins Sheilah in the studio.  

We also hear from Henry Kay, Executive Director for Transit Development and Delivery for the Maryland Transit Administration. We asked him why the Red Line’s route or “alignment” was redrawn, and what the differences are between the alignments. He also tells us about the process for notifying residents of the current alignment.

You can learn more about the Red Line project at an MTA open house. There are several coming up in November, and you can see the full list here