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Rousuck's Review: "Origin of the Species" At Strand Theater

Nov 9, 2017

Janet Constable Preston (l.) and Nicole Mullins-Teasley in ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES
Credit Photo by Jim Preston

Theater critric J.Wynn Rousuck joins us in Studio A every Thursday with a review of one of the region's thespian offerings, and this week, she tells us about a new production of Origin of the Species now on stage at Strand Theater Company in Baltimore.

The play by Bryony Lavory, which is directed at Strand by Erin Riley, uses a two-woman cast to tell the story of Molly (played by Janet Constable Preston), an elderly lady who digs up a four-million year old human:  not a fossilized skeleton, but a miraculously living, breathing pre-Pleistocene female (played by Nicole Mullins-Teasley), with raw, primitive manners. Molly smuggles her find home to Yorkshire and names her Victoria. As Molly attempts to teach Victoria  language and more contemporary manners, both women discover that they have much in common.

Origin of the Species continues at Strand Theater Company until Sunday, November 19th.