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Tracking the Ospreys

Apr 2, 2014

Woody, one of the ospreys being tracked.
Credit Lance Jordan

It's a long way from the Chesapeake Bay to Venezuela. More than 2,000 miles. But it's a trip made twice a year by ospreys. They summer in our region, and spend the winter where it's warmer. 

The birds are making their journey back to our region from South America right now, and the Chesapeake Bay is tracking the progress of four of them with the Osprey Tracking Project. 

Woody, Nick, Quinn and Tango are wearing tracking devices, similar to tiny backpacks. The devices are equipped with solar panels. 

To explain more about the technology and the Project, Nathan Sterner is joined by John Rodenhausen, the CBF's Director of Development.

You can track the ospreys journey here

As mentioned in this interview, Tom Pelton reported on the Osprey Tracking Project in his March 26 episode of The Environment in Focus. You can listen to that episode here.