William "Brit" Kirwan, Head of University System of Maryland, to Retire

May 20, 2014

University of Maryland's McKeldin Library
Credit carmichaellibrary / Flickr / Creative Commons

  Last fall, more than 153,000 students were studying at one of the dozen schools in Maryland’s public university system. That’s about 28-percent more than were enrolled in 2002, when William E. “Brit” Kirwan began his tenure as Chancellor of Maryland’s public university system.


Chancellor Kirwan has shaped how and what the students at Maryland’s public universities learn. He redesigned science, technology, engineering, and math curriculums, pushed to expand online education, and made a higher percentage of school aid based on financial need. 

Last week, he announced that, after 12 years in the chancellor’s job and 50 years in higher education, he’ll retire once a replacement is chosen.  Brit Kirwan joins Sheilah Kast in the studio to talk about his tenure as head of Maryland’s public university system.