Humanities Connection

Thursday at 4:44 pm
Hosted by: MHC Executive Director Dr. Phoebe Stein

Humanities Connection explores the intersection of the humanities and our daily lives, reflects on the past to inform our future, celebrates the power of literature, and demonstrates the importance of a healthy civics education.

In each segment, MHC Executive Director Dr. Phoebe Stein invites MHC Speakers Bureau scholars, Board Members, and special guests to offer a mix of lively conversation and rich stories to capture the intellectual curiosity of WYPR listeners.

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The Maryland Humanities Council (MHC) is a nonprofit that creates and supports educational experiences in the humanities that inspire all Marylanders to embrace lifelong learning, exchange ideas openly, and enrich their communities.

The humanities include literature, history, philosophy, archaeology, languages, comparative religion, jurisprudence, ethics, art history, architecture, and aspects of the social sciences. These humanities disciplines are tools that can help us to explore what makes us human, connect with others, and discover meaning and richness in our lives and in our communities.


Humanities Connection
3:13 pm
Thu June 25, 2015

Small Museums in Maryland

Lindsey Baker

From local history to living history, the arts to architecture, Maryland is host to hundreds of Museums statewide, many of which are small and led by teams of dedicated volunteers.  Every Maryland County has a historical society, complimented by dozens of local historical groups.

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Humanities Connection
12:00 am
Thu June 18, 2015

Maryland History Day: Networking a Career Path in the Humanities

The Maryland Humanities Council's Maryland History Day isn’t just a day.  Students in nineteen counties and Baltimore City spend an average of seventy hours on their entries in the hopes of representing our state at the National Competition. 

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Humanities Connection
5:51 pm
Thu June 11, 2015

The B&O Railroad Strike of 1877

Photo: US artillery guarding the Camden Street depot 1877

Today’s debates on labor issues like the minimum wage, equal pay, and trade agreements are not new.  Did you know that Baltimore hosted the first national strike in U.S History? Here to tell us more about the B&O Railroad Strike of 1877 is Bill Barry, labor historian, author and former Director of the Labor Studies Department at CCBC.

Humanities Connection
5:45 pm
Thu June 4, 2015

We are Different People in Different Places

Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson is a fiction and non-fiction author who has written about the built environment and its relationship to humans and culture for nearly two decades.

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Humanities Connection
2:54 pm
Thu May 28, 2015

The Quince Orchard Project

Photo courtesy of

Has your community had a 'past life?'  Does your home address have a back-story? Jason Green is many things: attorney, entrepreneur, political strategist and documentary film maker.

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