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Humanities Connection explores the intersection of the humanities and our daily lives, reflects on the past, present, and future, celebrates the power of literature, and demonstrates the importance of the humanities to understand the human experience.

In each segment, MHC Executive Director Phoebe Stein invites MHC scholars, Board Members, and local humanists to offer a mix of lively conversation and rich stories to capture the intellectual curiosity of WYPR listeners.

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The Maryland Humanities Council (MHC) is a nonprofit that creates and supports educational experiences in the humanities that inspire all Marylanders to embrace lifelong learning, exchange ideas openly, and enrich their communities.

The humanities include literature, history, philosophy, archaeology, languages, comparative religion, jurisprudence, ethics, art history, architecture, and aspects of the social sciences. These humanities disciplines are tools that can help us to explore what makes us human, connect with others, and discover meaning and richness in our lives and in our communities.

Hometown Teams, Howard County

Sep 10, 2015

Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America is a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition, brought to our state by the Maryland Humanities Council, traveling to five sites through November. Host sites add Maryland’s sports stories with local exhibits and programs. The exhibit opens at the Howard County Historical Society Museum in Ellicott City on Saturday, September 19th. Shawn Gladden, Director of the Howard County Historical Society, tells us about Howard County's unique sports history.

Museum on Main Street

Sep 8, 2015

Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and State Humanities Councils nationwide, brings high-quality traveling exhibits to small communities across the country. Over the past year, the Maryland Humanities Council has brought the sports-oriented Smithsonian traveling exhibit Hometown Teams to five communities across Maryland. Carol Harsh, Director of Museum on Main Street, tells us more about how this program impacts the small communities it serves.

Public Libraries, the New Commons

Aug 27, 2015

 Place making is the idea of utilizing a community’s local assets in order to create quality public spaces that contribute to the well-being of the community and create a sense of belonging through place. Silvia Blitzer Golombek, a nonprofit consultant and secretary of the Board of the Maryland Humanities Council, shares how public libraries serve as such spaces for local communities.

Teaching Students and Educators Alike

Aug 21, 2015

 The Maryland Humanities Council’s Maryland History Day program empowers students to explore history through a year-long historical research project.  Last year over 22,000 students across Maryland participated. This would not be possible without the devoted educators who use the program in their classrooms each year. RaeLynne Snyder, Social Studies Specialist at Baltimore City Public Schools and a 7-year Maryland History Day veteran, shares her experience.

Maryland's Pioneering Women in Architecture

Aug 13, 2015

 On September 4 the MHC-supported traveling exhibition showcasing the early women of architecture in Maryland arrives at the American Institute of Architects in Baltimore. Jillian Storms, curator of the exhibition and Chair of the Women’s Diversity Committee of the AIA, tells us about two of the pioneering women highlighted in the exhibition.

Literary Walking Tour of Mount Vernon

Aug 7, 2015

Ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of the many famous authors, poets, and editors who lived in Baltimore? Every third Saturday in April through October, the Maryland Humanities Council offers a Literary Walking Tour of Mount Vernon, taking you through majestic cultural institutions, past elegant mansions, and into the minds of Baltimore’s literary luminaries. Jessica Baldwin, Program Assistant for Maryland Center for the Book, tells us more.

The Shelley-Godwin Archive

Jul 31, 2015

The Shelley-Godwin Archive a project of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, is making the handwritten works of four renowned 19th-century British writers accessible in today’s digital age.

Hometown Teams: Galesville

Jul 24, 2015

  Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America is a Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition, brought to our state by the Maryland Humanities Council, traveling to five sites through November.  Host sites add Maryland's sports stories with local exhibits and programs.

The Mathematics of Being Human

Jul 16, 2015

While working together on a production of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia at The Folger Theatre in 2009, two UMBC professors began a meaningful collaboration that has manifested into a seminar for Humanities Scholar Program students called "The Mathematics of Being Human," as well as a play of the same name.

You Are a Part of History

Jul 9, 2015

  Chris Haley is the Director of the Study of the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland at the Maryland State Archives research department.  A genealogist, historian, researcher, actor and the nephew of the late Alex Haley, author of the 1976 novel and TV miniseries Roots, Chris Haley speaks often in schools across the state on African American history, self-empowerment and genealogy.