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A Valuable Perspective

  • Hosted by Lisa Haynes

"A Valuable Perspective" features interviews with residents of Roland Park Place, Baltimore City's only full-service, accredited, non-profit Life Plan Community. During each episode, they share stories, experiences and viewpoints on a myriad of topics including financial planning, advances in medicine, education, romance, dealing with life’s changes and staying fit, to name a few.

Roland Park Place residents are perfectly positioned to share opinions and expertise on the same questions, concerns and debates at the forefront of society today. With episodes coming every month, the topics will always be relevant to what’s currently on the minds of everyday listeners.

A Valuable Perspective: Embracing Change

Jan 10, 2018

On this month’s episode, Host Lisa Haynes discusses dealing with various changes in life. The guests are Mrs. Catherine Beyer and Mr. Ernest Ritenhouse, both residents of Roland Park Place as they share stories about some of the changes in their life and how they learned to overcome the fear of change and started to embrace it.

A Valuable Perspective

Nov 28, 2017

The first podcast in a monthly series that explores the stories of some of Baltimore's residents that call Roland Park Place home.