Maryland Morning Podcast

Maryland Morning Podcast
12:00 pm
Mon July 27, 2015

Black Churches In 2015; Faith Inclusive Congregations; Thoroughly Modern Millie; Food Waste

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Churches historically have played a leadership role in the black community. We talk about how faith groups in Baltimore are engaging in the digital and decentralized ‘black lives matter’ movement.

Then, Tom Hall talks to Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg from Beth Am Congregation and the Reverend Andrew Foster Connors from Brown Memorial Church about what they’re doing to make their congregations more inclusive.

Plus, Tom and theater critic J. Wynn Rousuck discuss the Jazz Age musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie," at Cockpit in Court Theater of the Community College of Baltimore County.

And, we talk to two grad students who just won a prize for their proposal that Baltimore make healthy produce more accessible by setting up a market that would charge cheap prices for food otherwise headed for the landfill.

Maryland Morning Podcast
12:00 pm
Fri July 24, 2015

Panel Calls For Housing For Displaced Homeless; Coping With Disability; Author E. L. Doctorow

Credit Charlie Wambeke

After the city cleared an encampment of homeless people living near MLK Boulevard last month, advocates for the homeless are calling for the city to leave encampments in place until Baltimore can commit to permanent housing for those displaced. We’ll speak to an attorney who fights for due process for Baltimore’s homeless.

Then, to mark the 25th anniversary of the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act,’ we talk to the head of a nonprofit who has designed an online video library for aging and disabled people to pool the skills they’ve learned in compensating for their own individual shortcoming.

Plus, one the 20th century’s most widely-read writers, E. L. Doctorow, died this week. We’ll listen again to his conversation with Tom Hall in 2006, when Doctorow was honored by the Pratt Library.

Maryland Morning Podcast
12:00 pm
Wed July 22, 2015

Research On Dementia; Shriver Hall Anniversary; Rebranding Fashion Magazines

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Maryland scientists are joining others from around the world looking for a cure for Alzheimer's Disease, and just as pressing, for better ways to treat dementia and help caregivers cope. Dr. Paul Rosenberg, associate director of the Johns Hopkins ‘Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center,’ joins Sheilah from the conference in Washington.

Then, Tom Hall introduces us to the new executive director of the Shriver Hall Concert Series. Catherine Cochran takes the helm at Shriver Hall as it enters its 50th anniversary season of classical concerts.

Plus, we talk to our regular fashion contributor, Zoey Washington, about fashion magazines making the transition to ‘lifestyle’ publications and running their own online shopping sites.

Maryland Morning Podcast
12:00 pm
Mon July 20, 2015

Violent Crime; Baltimore Highlights Plays By Women; West Virginia Theater Festival; Sandtown Murals

Credit Megan Lewis

As Baltimore’s police brainstorm how to stop the surge in violence, we speak with Delegate Jill Carter about trust between the community and the police, the rights of police officers, and whether the state legislature can address Baltimore’s problems.

Then, Tom Hall talks to local theater artists cooperating in a series of plays called ‘Parity Fest’ all by women and transgender playwrights.

Plus, each summer in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, the ‘Contemporary American Theater Festival’ produces cutting-edge new plays. Our theater critic, J. Wynn Rousuck, brings us a round-up, including a play about the Russian punk band, Pussy Riot.

And, we meet a teaching artist and two student apprentices creating a mural in West Baltimore. For 80 young people the city’s Art @ Work: Sandtown project means a summer job, and much more.

Maryland Morning Podcast
2:23 pm
Fri July 17, 2015

Expanding Knowledge Of Pluto; Summer Biopics; Hollywood Blanks

When the New Horizons spacecraft left Earth nine years ago, we were still calling Pluto a planet. Now, after traveling some 3 billion miles, the mission is sending back dwarf planet's first close-ups. We talk with project scientist Hal Weaver at New Horizon’s Operations Center in Laurel about what we're learning.

Then, whose life was more interesting? Marlon Brando's, Amy Winehouse's, or an African-American transgender prostitute's? Find out when Tom Hall speaks with our movie gurus, Jed Dietz of the Maryland Film Festival and Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post.

Plus, the local band Hollywood Blanks got together while its members were studying at St. Mary’s College in southern Maryland. Ahead of their performance at Artscape Sunday, we ask about their new album, and what influenced them.