Midday with Dan Rodricks

Despite losing four of the last six presidential elections, Republicans won control of both houses of Congress in last year's mid-terms. Thomas Schaller, a political science professor at University of Maryland Baltimore County and op-ed columnist for The Baltimore Sun, unpacks the current GOP in "The Stronghold: How Republicans Captured Congress But Surrendered the White House." We’ll also talk about the GOP’s 2016 presidential field. 

The Lonely War

Feb 3, 2015

Journalist Nazila Fathi fled her native Iran during the uprisings of 2009 after learning that her photo was circulating among regime snipers. In her memoir, "The Lonely War: One Woman’s Account of the Struggle for Modern Iran," Fathi recounts stories of growing up during the 1979 revolution and her career covering the country's political turbulence for The New York Times. 

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Community Colleges

Feb 3, 2015

President Obama wants to make two years of college "as free and universal in America as high school today." He wants the federal government to pick up the tab for community college.

The Red Line

Feb 2, 2015

Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposed budget sets aside $106.2 million for Baltimore’s Red Line, pending a review of the light rail project. The Red Line’s estimated overall price tag is $2.9 billion. James T. Smith, former Maryland transportation secretary, and Marty Taylor, president of The Right Rail Coalition, debate the project's pros and cons. 

The Black Box Society

Jan 29, 2015

University of Maryland law professor Frank Pasquale examines how powerful interests and big corporations are abusing our privacy for profit in, "The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms that Control Money and Information." Pasquale is an affiliate fellow at Yale Law School's Information Society Project, and a member of the Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society.  Guest host Aaron Henkin