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The Morning Economic Report

Wage growth, student debt, employment in steel cities, levels of wealth based on age and looking at where people are moving for work.

Changes in population, marriage age, home prices, age of homebuyers, and personal wealth. 

American life expectancy, unemployment rates, defining wealth, economic expansion and fertility rates. 

The Reports: May 21-25

May 29, 2018

This week: Improvements in the national economy, eyeglasses, retirement across the world, when retirees can expect to live comfortably, and the rise in female homebuyers.

The Reports: May 7-11

May 21, 2018

This week: Financial inclusion, global health care, the World Cup economy, public employees, and the changing American car business. 

This week: Manufacturing job loss, steel tariffs, the pension crisis, wealth and life expectancy, and investments in children's education.

This week: Retail space, supporting working women, car buying, tax reform and wages. 

This week: comparison shopping, corporate tax cuts, tax reform, the migration of residents due to income dynamics, and the recent employment report.

This week: Americans' net worth of income, immigration policy, the uninsured, work-life balance in Asian countries, and IRS audits.

First time homebuyers, executive compensation, job openings, globalization and the possibility of recession. 

Automation, American tourism, credit card debt, bricklayer job security, and working mothers. 

This week: Job growth, mortgage rates, government spending, and the success of Black Panther

Oil prices, disparities in hourly wages, the rate of unemployment, and the growth rate of pregnancies. 

The outdoor recreation economy, African-Americans in the economy, consumer debt and productivity growth. 

Household debt, oil imports, the French economy, the rural economy, and immigrants in the direct care industry.

Anirban on wage growth, worker strikes, variable pay, unemployment rates and millionaire households. 

Anirban on trends related to women studying economics, wage growth, labor force participation and debt levels. 

Also: Job loss due to automation and the coffee economy. 

Click the image for the Reports for the week of February 5.

Also for the week of February 2, American fertility rates. 

For the week of January 26, Anirban covers car sales, the U.S. trade deficit and the U.S. debt burden. 

Also for the week of January 19: the state of retailers and cooperation among U.S. and global cities. 

For the week of January 12, Anirban reports on the lengths of the American commute, employer benefits and the rise and fall of the economy. 

Anirban on wealth disparities and global economies.

Anirban recaps the year in economic news.

Anirban discusses job growth and immigrant entrepreneurship. 

Understanding cryptocurrency, younger Americans' support of capitalism, residential mobility, and more.  

This week: Holidays shopping, unemployment rates, global aptitude tests, and more. 

This week: Fitbits, vehicle sales, Harvard's endowment, and more. 

Click on the image for the MER's for the week of November 20.

Click on the image for the MER's for the week of November 13.