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Byron Pinot Noirs and Nielson (Second Label)

Mar 24, 2017

As spring draws near it's time to break out the pinot noirs, the perfect red wine for a transitional season.  Hugh reviews new releases from one of his favorite California wineries.

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Byron Pinot Noir, Nielson Vineyard, Santa Maria Valley '14

Quite pricey but given the quality, $45 a bottle is a fair price for 1st rate pinot.

Quality: ★★★

Price Range: Above $60 

Nielson Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara, '14

A light but enjoyable pinot noir with bright fruit flavors.

Quality: ★★

Price Range: Less than $20

Nielson Chardonnay, Santa Barbara '14 

A nice, simple chardonnay with lots of tropical fruit flavors.

Quality: ★

Price Range: Less than $20

Nielson Pinot Noir, Santa Maria Valley '14

A major step up in quality, good oak, depth, structure and detail.

Quality: ★★1/2

Price Range: $20-$40

Nielson Chardonnay, Santa Maria Valley '14  

A more refined chardonnay with considerable depth and structure.

Quality: ★★1/2

Price Range: $20-$40