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The Nature of Things

Tuesday at 4:44 pm

The Nature of Things is a weekly broadcast about our area’s native flora and fauna, hosted by Irvine Nature Center’s Executive Director Brooks Paternotte.  At the start of each week, The Nature of Things offers an eco-friendly perspective on everything from our changing seasons to the sounds of our migrating birds to the plants invading our yards, fields and forests.

Tune in to 88.1 WYPR every Tuesday at 4:44 pm. as Brooks inspires us all to explore, respect and protect nature.

West YellowStone Montana

Need another reason to exercise outside? There’s nothing like returning to the warmth of indoors, pink-cheeked and tired, and sitting by a warm fire or sipping a mug of hot cocoa. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

A light dusting of snow is an optimum time to look for signs of our native cottontail rabbits.  When hopping, rabbits' long hind feet come down in front of the smaller front feet – making them incredibly easy for kids and adults to spot.


Dec 9, 2014

 Kudzu grows extremely quickly. Under optimal conditions, it can grow a full foot per day. This fast growth combined with its climbing nature allows kudzu’s hairy vines to swiftly cover other plants, vehicles, utility poles, even whole houses when left unchecked.

Five species of squirrels can be found in Maryland. There’s the red squirrel, the southern flying squirrel, the eastern fox squirrel and the Delmarva fox squirrel.


Nov 26, 2014

Wild turkeys, once nearly extinct in Maryland, are back, and at least one wild turkey roams the property at Irvine.

Did you know that over 95% of the insects are not really pests? That means that the great majority of creepy crawlies we swat, squash and flush are actually beneficial.

Emma – ever the curious 4-year-old – showed me a rainbow of red, orange and yellow leaves and asked a simple question. "Why do leaves change their color in fall?" Hard as it is to confess, I had no idea.


Oct 28, 2014

Commonly known as striped bass and locally referred to as rockfish, this anadromous or migratory fish spends the majority of its time in salt water returning to brackish estuaries and rivers to spawn each spring.

Stuck in a Rut

Oct 21, 2014

Right now, white tailed deer hunters all over the state are talking about the deer "rut."

Walking Stick

Oct 14, 2014

As its name suggests, the curious-looking walking stick or “stick insect” resembles the twigs among which it lives, providing it with one of the most efficient natural camouflages on Earth.